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Pennsylvania Wild Turkey

Scientific Name: Meleagris gallopavo
Season and Limit: See Seasons and Bag Limits

Turkey Management Plan Turkey Habitat Management
New Turkey Disease, LPDV Wild Turkey FAQs
Turkey Management Plan Updated Figures & Tables Implementation schedule for turkey management plan for Pennsylvania, 2006-2015

How We Set Spring Turkey Seasons Spring Turkey Hunting Options
How Calendar Shifts Affect Spring Gobbler Seasons Turkey Hunting Success and Safety
Annual Harvest Reports/Maps Turkey Hunting Safety Tips
HRSI Turkey Report Pennsylvania Wild Turkey Population Trend
Why Fall Turkey Seasons Vary by Wildlife Management Unit

A Look Back Wildlife Note
Pen-Reared Turkeys Winter Feeding of Deer and Wild Turkey
Adult or Juvenile? Gobbler or Hen?

2008 Turkey Hunter Survey Results - PowerPoint 2012-13 Wild Turkey Trap and Transfer Report
2008 Turkey Hunter Survey Report 2012-13 Wild Turkey Research/Management Report
2011 Turkey Hunter Survey Results - PowerPoint Gobbler Research Study
2012 Turkey Hunter Survey Report Hen Research Study
2012-13 Wild Turkey Productivity and Harvest Trends Report Mortality Causes & Seasons of Mortality of Transmittered PA Hens

Gobbler Study
From 2006 to 2009, the Game Commission was involved in a multi-state research study to investigate spring gobbler harvest rates in Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio. This study involved leg-banding 900 male turkeys each winter (300 per state) and determining the percentage harvested each year during the spring gobbler season (via hunters reporting harvests of leg-banded males).

Annual Survival and Spring Harvest Rates Bling in your gamebag could mean $100
NWTF 2009 Harvest Rate Study Turkey gobbler study will help guide management decisions

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