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Folder 907-A IU Reporting
2009-2010 IU Reports, 2010-2011 IU Reports, 2011-2012 IU Reports, 2012-2013 IU Reports, 2013-2014 IU Reports...
Folder Calendar
Folder Department Information
Folder Education Budget
2014-15, 2015-16, lib
Folder Education Directory
Folder Educator Effectiveness
Classroom Teaching Professionals, Non-Teaching Professionals, Principals and CTC Directors, Rubric
Folder Grants and Subsidies
Folder KD Test
Folder Moved From Publisher
Folder PA Higher Education Commission
agenda, minutes, presentations
Folder PDE Newsroom
lib, PDE Press Release Attachments, PDE Press Releases, PDE Press Relesase Attachments, Pennlinks...
Folder Pennsylvania Department of Education
Folder Portal Help Files
Folder Professional Standards and Practices Commission
Adjudications, Annual Reports, Commission Meeting, lib, Professional Advisory Newsletter
Folder Projects
Educator Effectiveness
Folder Reports
Folder School Performance Profile
Folder SFSF Teacher and Principal Evaluation Reports
2009-2010 School Year Reports, 2010-2011 School Year Reports, 2010-2011 Survey Toolkit, 2011-2012 School Year Reports, 2012-2013 School Year Reports
Folder State Board of Education
lib, Meeting Minutes
Folder TIMS
Applicant User Guide, Approved Educator Preperation Programs User's Guide, Communications, PK-12 User's Guide, Specific FAQs
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