Job Posting
Department: 70-State Employes' Retirement Sy
Organization: 701004-Sr Cmncs And Plcy Off
Job Code/Title: 58300-Information Specialist Supervisor (Non-Supervisory)
Position Number: 201241
Announcement Number:
County: Dauphin
Work Location: PA State Employees' Retirement System
30 North Third Street
Suite 150
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Type of Job: Non-Civil Service
Union: No Union Representation (Not subject to provisions of a union agreement.)
Bargaining Unit: A3
Seniority Unit:
Type Position: Permanent / Full Time
Salary Range: $47,746 - $72,528
Pay Schedule / Range: MA / MA08
Posting Length: 24 days
Posting Dates: 1/8/2013 - 1/31/2013
Contact Number: (717)783-8085 or
Information: Work hours: 8:30-5:00

Supervisor: Heather Tyler

WORKING TITLE: Integrated Communications Strategist

This is a unique position and the agency has been granted permission to use the Information Specialist Supervisor job title without assigning supervisory responsibilities.

We are accepting application materials from all interested, qualified candidates whether employed by the Commoneralth or not. Please see the "How to apply" section at he end of this posting for instructions.
Description of Duties:
POSITION PURPOSE: The incumbent directs the agency's digital and new media initiatives through identifying, developing, and integrating digital, interactive, and new media strategies into existing business processes; emphasizing real-time, two-way communications to educate annuitants, members, staff, policy makers, and the public about SERS' benefits, programs, services, constraints, and structures. The incumbent is tasked with identifying and implementing communication solutions and strategies to enhance program outcomes and reduce business costs.

DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: Develop digital, interactive, and emerging media policies and procedures, taking into consideration agency strategic objectives, budgetary constraints, and legal implications.

Establish, lead, manage, and be accountable for an executive level web governance program for policy compliance, legal compliance, content relevance/accuracy/currency, and program-area accountability.

Assemble and lead teams of agency personnel - including those at the Bureau Director level and above - to map, plan, manage the development of, quality assure, refine, and update a wide range of projects associated with communication initiatives.

Develop and maintain relationships with, interview, and conduct focus groups of active members, retired members, retirement counselors, benefits processors, legal professionals and other stakeholders to identify information gaps; document the consequences of, and propose integrated communication strategies for filling the gaps.

Conduct cost-benefit analysis of varied communication strategy approaches, including integration of social media, particularly Facebook, into SERS' business practices. Oversee the development and implementation of social media programs, as appropriate.

Develop blast e-mail capability, including list development and maintenance; audience segmentation; pacing and sequencing of strategic messaging; and tracking open/conversion/outcome measure analytics.

Disseminate retirement information such as plan updates, legislated changes, beneficiary form reminders, and other items through targeted email blasts, electronic newsletters, online presentations, webinars, and social media outlets.

Partner with state agencies and vendors to convey information. Work with the Office of Administration (OA) to ensure that SERS' content is consistently and accurately complete and up-to-date for active members through systems such as SAP employee self-service (ESS), the HR Service Center's knowledgebase, enterprise-wide onboarding, the employee bulletin board, etc. and ensure that content links back to relevant aspects of SERS' website. Work with the Public School Employees' Retirement System (PSERS), Banking and Securities Commission, the Department of Aging, and the Pennsylvania Employee Benefit Trust Fund (PEBTF) to develop and deliver communications since these entities all have similar target audiences.

Collaborate with SERS' Legal Office to evaluate provisions of the Retirement Code and the feasibility of implementing online services for SERS members and annuitants and then aid attorneys in developing user agreements for online access and services.

Collaborate with the agency IT staff to design, build, maintain, continuously monitor, and consistently refine a complex web presence which is highly secure and enables users to access online self-services, obtain on-demand reports, and participate in two-way interactivity.

Create and maintain the agency's website information architecture through categorization, organization, prioritization, and labeling of information. Work closely with Press Secretary, subject matter experts, and users to identify/develop appropriate content and then translate the complex data into appropriate taxonomy and usable graphics.

Recommend and implement, in accordance with user experience (UX) design and search engine optimization principles, enhancements to the SERS website.

Assess website functionality and accessibility by evaluating site navigation, page layout, header tags and positioning, internal link structure, and graphic to text balance.

Incorporate audio/video into website content with particular attention to server and user bandwidth and ensure that design and functionality are compliant with different browser capabilities, including functionality for mobile and tablet use.

Incorporate best-practice web accessibility standards into the agency's website, with an emphasis on web users age 50 and older.

Develop performance metrics and ensure reliable and robust analytics tools are in place; monitor content performance; provide data to agency executives and governance program; adjust communications based on analytics data.

Develop trending analysis of digital media user behavior and implement action plans which will improve the user experience and the achievement of desired business outcomes.

Develop, deploy, and manage online survey capability and reporting, managing the technology as well as developing meaningful survey instruments and findings analysis to inform business practices such as active members, retired members, deferred compensation program (DCP ) participants, audits, investment professionals, other pension systems etc.

Ensure that SERS' deferred compensation program's third-party administrator website is fully integrated into SERS' main website.

Perform related duties as required.

DECISION MAKING: The incumbent works with a high degree of independence and autonomy in managing the agency's integrated communications program. The incumbent independently researches and identifies information gaps and then develops realistic, creative communication solution recommendations for implementation approval by the Communications and Policy Office Director and Executive Director. The incumbent develops the agency's policies and processes for digital, interactive, and emerging media and the use of these resources in the business environment.

The incumbent independently prioritizes and sequences competing projects. The incumbent chooses which, when, and how to approach and engage external stakeholders on behalf of the agency related to this body of work. The incumbent has the authority to form and manage project teams, working with direct supervisors to assign and hold a wide array of agency staff accountable for work.

The incumbent works closely with the Press Secretary to coordinate strategic messaging and content. The incumbent works closely with the agency Chief Information Officer (CIO) to make appropriate technology recommendations; IT hardware, software, and security decisions are made only with the approval of the agency CIO.
Essential Functions:
1. Develop policies and processes for digital, interactive, and emerging media use and for their effective incorporation into business practices
2. Develop and use performance metrics and analytic tools to evaluate communication effectiveness
3. Create strategic and measurable communications program goals and objectives
4. Analyze data and provide recommendations to enhance communications
5. Assess the agency's website and provide recommendations to enhance usability, functionality, user experience, and optimization
6. Develop and maintain the information architecture for the SERS website with appropriate taxonomy and usable graphics
7. Lead meetings, such as web governance team and focus groups, with web users, program areas, and other stakeholders
8. Review new and emerging media and communication resources and best practices and evaluate applicability to the business environment
9. Communicate effectively, orally
10.Communicate effectively in writing
Last Date Job Applications Will Be Accepted: Thursday, January 31, 2013

Recruitment Method(s):

Applicants must meet one (or more) of the following methods(s) to be considered for this vacancy:

  • Non-Civil Service Recruitment
  • Non-Civil Service Non-Seniority
  • Transfer
  • Reassignment
  • Voluntary Demotion
Eligibility - all candidates
  1. Meet the minimum experience and training required for the job: MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: Seven years of experience in the field of public relations, including three years in a responsible administrative or supervisory capacity; and such training as may have been gained through graduation from a four year college or university, with major course work in social science, political science or public relations;


    Any equivalent combination of experience and training.

  2. Pennsylvania residency requirement waived.
How to apply - all candidates:

The following materials must be mailed and postmarked on or before Thursday, January 31, 2013:

  1. Resume
  2. Personal Data Sheet (link below)
  3. Application Supplement (link below)
  4. Most recent Employee Performance Review or indicate that one is not available.

    Click here- to access the Personal Data Sheet and Application Supplement

If interested in applying by mail, please send above specified materials to:

        Mail: PA State Employees' Retirement System
        ATTN: HR/Recruitment
        30 North Third Street, Suite 150
        Harrisburg, PA 17101
        Fax: ATTN: SERS HR at 717-783-0581

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is an equal opportunity employer.