May 26, 2006


PACE Cardholders enrolled in

Medicare Part D Prescription Programs.




·        Thousands of PACE and PACENET cardholders are currently enrolled in Medicare Part D Prescription Plans.


·        PACE is providing a list of currently enrolled Medicare Part D cardholders who frequent your pharmacy. This enclosed list contains the name and PACE card number of the PACE cardholder, the name of the Medicare Part D insurer and, when available, the insurer’s BIN/PCN.


·        The cardholders on this list should be able to provide their particular plan’s Part D card with their Plan identification number. If not, providers have the E1 transaction  which uses the pharmacy's usual switch to access NDC Health, the TrOOP Facilitator, to retrieve the information necessary to bill the primary Part D payer. 


·        Note: PACE cardholders are continually enrolling in Part D plans; therefore, this list can not be all inclusive. Providers should continue to inquire if a PACE/PACENET cardholder has a Medicare Part D card.



Questions may be directed to Provider Services at