July 7, 2006


Cosopt & Trusopt




Merck has announced that the 5 ml size of Cosopt and Trusopt is being discontinued. The 10 ml size will become the smallest available container.


Since the 10 ml size will last longer than 30 days, effective Tuesday, July 11, 2006, the Program will accept a minimum of a 46 day’s supply on 10 ml  Cosopt and a 41 day’s supply on 10 ml Trusopt submissions.



Cosopt claims submitted with  less than a 46 day’s supply and Trusopt claims submitted with less than a 41 day’s supply for the 10 ml size  will reject with NCPDP Error, 88, DUR Reject ; PACE Error 706 HD. 




Questions should be directed to Provider Services at: