Provider Bulletin

Highmark Blue RX Basic Medicare Part D


January 19, 2007


The enclosed PACE report contains voided claims that will appear on the PACE Remittance Advice of FEBRUARY 2, 2007. The Program is providing this report for those providers wishing to begin their rebilling process as soon as possible and/or to contact their software vendors for rebilling instructions.



These claims may be re-submitted to Highmark as the primary payer following Highmark’s instructions (below) for resubmitting claims during the transition period.

In order for Providers to reprocess their claims they will need to submit claims through BIN number 610014 utilizing one of the following processes:


If Providers submitting these claims to Medco receive a reject message of rejection 70 = Product/Service Not Covered or 75 = Prior Authorization Required with an alternate message of “TEMP FILL of 34 D/S ALLOW WITH PA/MC = 11111,” the Provider needs to resubmit the claim with a PA/MC code of 11111 in the Prior Authorization field (416-DG.)  If the claim of less than 90 days old continues to reject, and you are not able to resolve the rejection, contact the Medco Pharmacy Services Helpdesk at 1- 800-922-1557. 



o      To access the Pharmacist Resource Center (PRC) website go to and enter your User ID and Password.  If you do not have a user ID or password one can be obtained on the website.  Simply select “Click here to register today” on the 1st page.  To set up a User ID and password you will need to enter the Pharmacies Services Provider ID (NCPDP #), Pharmacy’s Medco Account number, Retail Pharmacy’s zip code and an RX number you recently submitted to Medco within the last two days. 


§       If you do not know your Pharmacy’s Medco Account number, this can be obtained through option 5,  then option 1 on the Medco Pharmacy Services Automated Phone System at 1-800-922-1557



o      Once logged into the Pharmacist Resource Center website select “Contact the Helpdesk” on the left side of the website.  Then select “A specific prescription claim” to submit Claim Too Old override requests. 


o      On the “specific prescription claim” page the user will need to enter their information, the patient information and the Rx numbers that rejected for Claim Too Old for the listed patient.

§       10 claims can be listed on each Claim Too Old override request per patient.


o      The claims will be processed within 72 hours.   Temporary fill override will be applied to your claim by Medco.


o      A fax will be sent to the requester within one week of the website submission. 

§       The status of the claim can also be obtained through the Processed Claim Inquiry and Rejected Claim Inquiry link on the Medco Pharmacist Resource Center website. 

If you have difficulty submitting claims, you may contact Medco Pharmacy Services at 1-800-922-1557 for assistance.

   Claims greater than 180 days old cannot be re-submitted.



To permit PACE to be billed as the secondary payer, the Program has extended the on-line submission time for these claims up to 180 days from the date of service of the claim.

NOTE: This 180 day extension applies only to claims identifying Highmark as the primary payer.

PACE related submission questions may be directed to PACE Provider Services at 1-800-835-4080