Provider Bulletin


March 16, 2007


As stated in the February 26 Provider Bulletin sent with the revised Void Report, the voided claims appear on the enclosed Remittance Advice. These claims were voided from the system on January 17 and identified on the original void report sent January 19, 2007.


Voids appear on a separate VOIDED CLAIMS page. The Program voided claims can be identified by the first 5 numbers in the Control Reference Number in the right hand column. All Program voided claims begin 70177. Voids not beginning with this series of numbers were done by the provider; not the Program. NOTE: Claims re-submitted by Providers after January 17 did not preclude the voided claims from appearing on this report.



Although these voids were processed on January 17, 2007, the voids and accompanying financial impact were delayed until this Remittance Advice.  This delay may raise some questions because:




Claims resubmitted after March 1, but no later than March 24, will appear on a future R/A.


Reminder: The re-processing window for both Highmark and PACE claims ends at the close of business, Saturday, March 24, 2007.


Highmark processing questions: Medco Pharmacy Services Helpdesk at 1- 800-922-1557.


PACE processing questions: Provider Services at 1-800-835-4080.