November 2, 2007

Part D Cardholder Letters


Because many PACE/PACENET cardholders bring letters received from the Program to the pharmacy, providers are advised that on Friday, November 2, 2007, the Program conducted another mailing.


Based on the individual cardholder’s circumstance, he or she will be:


·        notified that they have not been assigned to a Part D plan because they are in another retiree health care plan or are a member of a MAPD plan.

·        advised that because of their low drug utilization, they have not been enrolled in a Part D plan.

·        told their Part D plan remains the same.

·        informed a new plan has been chosen for them because their current plan is no longer a partner plan or their medication regimen is better suited to another plan’s formulary.


The Partner Plans for 2008 are:


AmeriHealth Advantage (IBC) -- Rx Option1

MemberHealth -- Community CCRx Basic

RxAmerica -- Advantage Star Plan

SilverScript Insurance Company -- SilverScript

United HealthCare -- AARP Medicare Rx Saver



PACE/PACENET cardholders who were assigned to one of the following plans in 2007 have been reassigned to one of the 2008 partner plans:


First Health Premier; Elder Health BravoRx II; Geisinger Gold Rx; Highmark BlueRx; Humana – Standard or Enhanced and UPMC for Life.



Cardholders are requested to call Cardholder Services at the toll-free number of 1-800-225-7223 with questions.