October 31, 2008

Program Training Information



Provider Services is currently developing a downloadable power point training presentation module that will be available to any pharmacy provider. The goal of this presentation is to address any Program issues with PACE, SPBP, CRDP, SB, CF, MSUD, PKU, PAP or SWIF that a provider may have encountered or simply wants to better understand. This training module will be segmented by Program to enable providers to download only the presentation of interest.  The Department hopes this training tool will be used by providers as a program refresher for them or their current staff or as instructional tool for any new pharmacist, technician or billing individual.  Along with the presentation, a section of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) will appear to address many common questions that are called in to the Help Desk each week.


The module format is being developed in response to providers who have told the Department that although they may have some questions, their  work schedules either no longer permit travel to a centralized location or the chosen training site or schedule does not coincide with their needs. This on-demand type of presentation enables providers to take advantage of the information when it is convenient to them and their staff.



Suggestions for topics should be e-mailed to:


Richard Flage at: