Provider Bulletin

May 29, 2009


Future Provider Notifications




As announced, this week’s Remittance Advice is the last paper R/A for PACE, SPBP, CRDP, PAP and SWIF. To inform providers of Program changes or initiatives in the future, Provider Bulletins will continue to be e-mailed to pharmacy associations, chain corporate offices as well as being available on the Department of Aging’s website at


NOTE: To find provider bulletins on the Department of Aging’s website, select the blue PACE card on the right side of the screen.  On the left side of next screen select PROFESSIONALS & PROVIDERS. Select the  PROFESSIONALS LINK MENU then select AGENCY PUBLICATIONS. On the next screen, scroll down to PACE/PACENET. In the section, labeled PACE/PACENET Pharmacy Provider Bulletin Index through Current Date, all provider bulletins are listed by the publication (R/A) date.


PACE will also be sending Provider Bulletins directly to independent pharmacy’s fax machines using the fax number supplied to the program upon enrollment. To insure that you receive the most current information for PACE, SPBP, CRDP and CRDP’s ancillary Programs, as well as PAP and SWIF, please notify Provider Services of any new or changed fax number.





Questions may be directed to Provider Services at 1-800-835-4080.