Veterinary Medical Field Officer


Employment Opportunities
Currently, the Department of Agriculture has vacancies for the Veterinary Medical Field Officer job title located in Dauphin and Erie counties.


Type of Work
This is professional veterinary work implementing animal and poultry disease control programs in an assigned area of the state in the Bureau of Animal Health and Diagnostic Services, Department of Agriculture. You will supervise animal and poultry disease control and eradication activities; collect diagnostic specimens in conjunction with disease eradication activities and epidemiological studies; contact animal and poultry owners and organizations to explain disease control programs and to provide veterinary medicine advice; conduct epidemiologic investigation of disease outbreaks; inspect health certificates, livestock auctions, and animal and poultry dealer records; monitor animal and poultry production and marketing activities regulated by the Department; and prepare surveys and reports of disease prevalence. Supervision is received through review of reports and periodic reviews by supervisors.


The current vacancies are located:

(2) Penn National Racetrack-Dauphin County
(1) Presque Isle Downs-Erie County

For more information, please contact:

Debbie Laughman
Department of Agriculture
Phone: (717) 787-1065



Starting Salary

$54,514/annually, effective July 1, 2012


Comprehensive health insurance; liberal retirement/pension plan; paid vacation, personal and sick leave; paid holidays; prescription, vision and dental plan coverage(after six months); paid group life insurance, and much more.


Pennsylvania residency is required at the time of application for these positions. 


Click here to view detailed test announcement which includes eligibility requirements.