Youth Development Aide


Employment Opportunities
The Department of Public Welfare currently has 42 vacancies for Youth Development Aide. Seventeen openings are located in Franklin County, 12 are located in Montour County, and 13 are located in Perry County.


Type of Work
You will actively engage court adjudicated youth on a day-to-day basis to address personal problems and scheduled activities and to provide positive reinforcement and insight into responsible behavior and attitudes. Work includes observing scheduled activities; assisting professional staff in implementing the youths’ treatment plans; reporting the youths’ progress in attaining program goals; and providing physical care, custody, and supervision of the youths’ daily activities including waking, personal hygiene, eating, recreating, work assignments, skill-building, and participating in treatment groups and other programmed activities.



For more information about these opportunities, please contact the appropriate office listed below:

South Mountain Secure Treatment Unit (SMSTU) (Franklin County)
Brad Hyde, Director
10056 South Mountain Road, Box 374
South Mountain, PA 17261-0374
Phone: (717) 788-1136

North Central Secure Treatment Unit (NCSTU) (Montour County)
Chuck Neff, Director
210 Clinic Road
Danville, PA 17821-8608
Phone: (570) 271-4756

Loysville Youth Development Center (LYDC) and Loysville Secure Treatment Unit (LSTU) (Perry County)
Jack Boyer, Director
8 Opportunity Drive
Loysville, PA 17047-9754
Phone: 717-789-5524


Starting Salary

$33,424 annually

The hourly rate of $16.02 is increased to $17.02 for employees who work second or third shift. These positions also come with the potential of an early retirement at age 55.


Comprehensive health insurance; liberal retirement/pension plan; paid vacation, personal and sick leave; paid holidays; prescription, vision and dental plan coverage (after six months); paid group life insurance, and much more.


Pennsylvania residency is required at the time of application for these positions. 


Click here to view detailed test announcement which includes eligibility requirements.