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Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry

The PA Department of Labor & Industry (L&I) is proud to be a leader in economic and workforce development for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our goal is to continuously enhance and improve the many vital programs and services provided to Pennsylvania's workers and employers.
About Labor & Industry
L&I employs more than 6,000 workers in 200 offices statewide. Established in 1913, the department originally inspected the working conditions in factories around the state. Over time, the department's responsibilities expanded, making it one of the largest and most diversified agencies in the commonwealth.
L&I administers benefits to unemployed individuals, oversees the administration of workers' compensation benefits to individuals with job-related injuries, and provides vocational rehabilitation to individuals with disabilities. The department prepares job seekers for the global workforce through employment, and job training services for adult, youth, older workers and dislocated workers. In addition, L&I enforces various laws and safety standards in the workplace and administers the commonwealth's programs for community service by young Pennsylvanians.
L&I also promotes economic development and an improved business climate through a variety of initiatives and programs to help Pennsylvania's workforce remain world-class and globally competitive.
Through a concentrated effort on continuous improvement of customer service and quality, L&I is helping Pennsylvania.
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Labor & Industry, is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer supporting Workforce Diversity.

Employee Benefits

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania offers employees a competitive salary and a benefits package worth about one-third (FY 07-08 average benefit costs were $21,677) of a newly-appointed employee's total salary.
Health Insurance: Excellent health insurance plans are offered to employees and are available to the employee's eligible dependents. Supplemental benefits, covering prescription drug, dental and eye care are available after a waiting period.
Holiday/Vacation/Personal/Sick Leave: Eligible employees earn a generous amount of paid leave, including annual vacation leave, personal leave, sick leave and holidays.
Earned vacation time and sick leave may be carried over from year to year up to the maximum allowable.
Additional Benefits: Eligible employees are covered by a Group Life Insurance policy and participate in the State Employees Retirement System.
Other benefits may include Family Care Account Program, State Employee Assistance Program, State Employee Recreation Association, Disability Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, nowU College Savings Program, Deferred Compensation Plan, and participation in the Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union.
Details of benefits information and eligibility are available to commonwealth employees during orientation.

Seasonal Opportunities

A limited number of seasonal student internship opportunities may be available, such as:
Engineering/Scientific/Technical Intern (ESTI)
Government Services Intern (GSI) Legal Intern
For more information or to apply for internships, please contact the Bureau of State Employment at 717.787.5703 or visit their Web site at www.bse.state.pa.us.

Unemployment Compensation (UC)

UC Claims Intermittent Intake Interviewer

Interviews applicants for unemployment claims to determine if they qualify for benefits. Processes initial and ongoing claims and related office work. Work is performed in a call center environment utilizing telephone and personal computers. This entry level title can provide access to many other UC positions.

UC Tax Technician/Trainee

Determines employee/employer tax liability, maintains employer UC tax accounts, and calculates appropriate UC tax rate. Successful completion of the trainee program may provide entrance to Tax Technician positions.

UC Tax Agent

Travels in assigned area to perform technical auditing and investigative duties to determine compliance with the taxing and benefit-paying provisions of the PA UC Law. Provides advisory services to employers concerning UC Law.

UC Appeals Referee

Schedules and conducts quasi-judicial hearings and renders decisions in accordance with the PA UC Law and related state and federal statutes and regulations.

Employment Security Audit and Investigation Specialist/Trainee

Investigates suspected cases of fraud or abuse of agency programs and activities by agency employees, clients, claimants or employers. Successful completion of the trainee program may provide entrance to Employment Security Audit and Investigation Specialist positions.

Workforce Development

Statistical Assistant

This entry level position participates in the collection, processing and compilation of quantified data and the review of completed data summaries.

Descriptive Statistician

Collects, organizes, classifies, summarizes and validates quantified data for production of recurring reports or as part of major reports/special studies designed to comply with governmental reporting requirements.

CareerLink Specialist

Performs a full range of employment, job development, placement and training functions working with employers and job seekers to promote Commonwealth of Pennsylvania employment opportunities.

Veterans Employment Representative

Employees in this class are responsible for promoting the placement of veterans in suitable employment, enrollment in appropriate training programs, and providing other available benefits to veterans.

Safety & Labor/Management Relations

Uniform Construction Code (UCC) Building Inspector/Trainee

Performs building inspections and enforces compliance with the UCC and other applicable state laws and regulations. Successful completion of the trainee program may provide entry to UCC Building Inspector positions.

UCC Elevator Inspector/Trainee

Inspects elevators and other lifting devices for compliance with the provisions of the UCC and other state laws regulating elevator construction, maintenance and operation. Successful completion of the trainee program may provide entrance to UCC Elevator Inspector positions.

UCC Building Plans Examiner/Trainee

Examines and approves architectural plans and specifications for public/private buildings and facilities for compliance with the UCC and other applicable state laws and regulations. Successful completion of the trainee program may provide entrance to UCC Building Plans Examiner positions.

Commissioned Boiler Inspector/Trainee

Assesses the design, construction and installation of boilers, unfired pressure vessels, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) facilities and flammable/combustible liquid container installations. Successful completion of the trainee program can lead to inspector positions.

Labor Law Investigator

Performs specialized investigative work in the enforcement of state labor laws, Underground Utility Line Protection Law and associated regulations.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor/Intern

These employees assess and provide services to persons with disabilities, including the blind or visually impaired. Successful completion of the Intern program may provide entrance to Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor positions.

Orientation and Mobility Instructor

Performs needs evaluations and provides appropriate orientation and mobility training for visually impaired persons.

Rehabilitation Teacher

Teaches blind or visually impaired persons to safely and efficiently carry out their daily activities.

Hiram G. Andrews Center (HGAC)

The HGAC, located in Johnstown, PA, relies on a variety of staff to offer post-secondary education, career opportunities and independent life skills for persons with disabilities.

Information Technology (IT)

IT Technician/Trainee

The IT training program can provide entry into a full range of professional IT positions in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Application Developer

Analyzes, plans, designs, develops, tests, debugs, maintains and documents computer applications to service client business systems.

Distributed Systems Specialist

Performs IT user support services in a network environment, including analysis and resolution of interconnectivity and other problems that occur in a network.

IT Generalist

Performs a combination of duties in applications development, business process development, networking, information technology support and administration services.

Labor Management Relations

Labor Mediator

Provides mediation services to labor and management groups who are at impasse in the collective bargaining process.

Workers' Compensation and Insurance

State Workers' Insurance Fund Adjuster

Performs investigative work to verify and evaluate information in order to determine eligibility of claimants for claims payments.

State Workers' Insurance Fund Underwriting Technician

Reviews workers' compensation applications to determine appropriate coverage and rates for employers' liability insurance policies.

Disability Determination

Disability Claims Adjudicator/Trainee

Reviews disability claims and determines eligibility for Social Security disability benefits based on review of evidence and in accordance with federal laws and guidelines. Trainee program completion may provide entry to Disability Claims Adjudicator positions.

Disability Physician Specialist 2

This is professional medical work of an administrative nature in the review of disability claims.

How to Apply for Tests

Applicants interested in Civil Service positions available at the Department of Labor & Industry must take the appropriate Civil Service examination.
The PA State Civil Service Commission (SCSC) posts open programs on its Web site. Applicants must contact the SCSC via the Internet, telephone or in person to obtain a current listing of examinations or to complete an application for testing.
After successful test completion, eligible applicants receive a test score and are placed on the Civil Service list for that job title. When vacancies occur, L&I uses these lists to contact potential applicants for interview.
PA State Civil Service Commission
2nd Floor, Strawberry Square Complex
320 Market Street
P.O. Box 569
Harrisburg, PA 17108-0569
Telephone (Voice) 717.783.3058
Text Telephone (Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing callers only) 717.772.2685

Philadelphia Office
Eastern Regional Office
110 N. 8th Street
Suite 503
Philadelphia, PA 19107-2412
Telephone (Voice) 215.560.2253
Text Telephone 215.560.4367

Pittsburgh Office
Western Regional Ofice
411 7th Avenue
Room 410
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-1925
Telephone (Voice) 412.565.7666
Text Telephone 412.565.2484
There are several job titles in L&I that are non-Civil Service. They are filled from a referral list provided by the Bureau of State Employment (BSE). To apply for these jobs, contact the BSE via the Internet, by telephone or in person for an application.
Bureau of State Employment
Room 110, Finance Building
613 North Street
Harrisburg, PA 17120-0400
Telephone (Voice) 717.787.5703
Text Telephone 717.787.0570

The following Text Telephone Numbers are for Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing callers only

PA Department of Labor & Industry

PA State Civil Service Commission

Bureau of State Employment

TTY users may call the PA relay service at
Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.
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