is to deliver exceptional financial services for the advancement of government operations through teamwork, efficiency and innovation.   

Our Goal...

is to provide budgeting, financial and audit services to state agencies to ensure taxpayer dollars are being spent appropriately; to support government leadership in identifying methods for operational improvements that will benefit commonwealth agencies and taxpayers; to provide timely, accurate, consistent and comprehensive information to agencies, our staff and our business partners; and to create a culture that promotes creativity and encourages the recruitment and retention of qualified staff.

We Value...

SERVICE:  We recognize that one of our highest priorities is service to our agencies, business partners and the commonwealth.

INTEGRITY:  We must use integrity to demonstrate ethical principles in all aspects of our work.

ACCOUNTABILITY:  We value the need for acknowledging and accepting responsibility for the completion of our duties and adherence to policies and procedures set forth by our own organization and the commonwealth as a whole.

EDUCATION:  We are committed to educating our staff through training and mentoring so that they may be knowledgeable in all aspects of their job.

PROFESSIONALISM:  We believe that displaying professionalism through our actions, communications and appearances will demonstrate the respect we hold for our staff, the agencies we serve and our business partners.

ADAPTABILITY:  We recognize the need for our organization to be adaptable to dynamic economic conditions as well as evolving accounting, reporting and auditing standards.

COMMUNICATION:  We must openly communicate within our organization in order to reap the benefits of innovative thoughts and ideas shared by all staff members and to create synergy

About Us

As part of Pennsylvania’s Office of the Budget, Comptroller Operations oversees the commonwealth’s accounting, payroll and financial reporting systems.  Our mission is to provide the commonwealth with exemplary financial service through innovative, accurate and timely processing and reporting of information to promote accountability, transparency and the effective use of taxpayer resources.