Erase Waste - A Quick Guide to Recycling In The Workplace
Labor & Industry follows commonwealth agency recycling requirements as administered by the Department of General Services (DGS) Commonwealth Agency Recycling Office.
Review the DGS recycling website for further information on what and how to recycle, the shredding services contract, toner and ink jet cartridge recycling program, rechargeable battery recycling, etc.
Department of General Services - Recycling

What should employees recycle in the L&I building?

Recycling in Field Site Offices

Although municipalities vary with recycling, field site offices should work with their lessor/building manager to follow the recycling requirements in their lease.
Monthly Field Site Recycling Surveys
Field site offices participate in monthly online recycling surveys to provide statistics on the types and amounts of recycling occurring in their offices. Staff responsible to complete the survey are given access to the online report at the DGS website. A current listing of locations and contacts is available on the L drive Recycling/L&I Address File. Contact the Recycling Coordinator – to add or change employee contacts. Instructions will be emailed to new users.

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