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The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006 require all eligible secondary and postsecondary institutions to identify successful educational programs to share and disseminate through the Bureau of Career and Technical Education web site. The bureau continues its commitment to strengthening career and technical education programs needs for advancing students through high quality career and technical education to build student's knowledge base to assure a skilled workforce. All strategies listed (See Key Strategies for definitions) are aligned to the goal of improving program quality and student achievements.

There are many exciting success stories occuring in schools. This is an opportunity for you to identify your best practice(s) at your local education agency. Submit Best Practices by using the standard form (Word). Please download this form, complete and save it, and return it as an email attachement to For additional information on how to write up your ubmission, review the Rubric (PDF) to help you to provide a clear and concise description of the program or practice.

In addition, the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Bureau of Career and Technical Education has partnered with Meeder Consulting Group as a part of a statewide effort to increase the quality and impact of career and technical education programs. Please check out their spotlight case studies of Pennsylvania Career and Technical Education schools.

Profile Glossary (PDF)

The chart below is organized by four sections; Category/Strategy is aligned to the Key Strategies (PDF) or by booklet, Title is name and date of the best practice item, School Name is the place of best practice and File is the PDF of the best practice.