Investing in Education

Governor Corbett talking with School Children
Governor Corbett believes in Pennsylvania’s children and is working hard to ensure they have access to quality, affordable education.

Investing in Our Students

Pennsylvania is investing in our students to give them a bright future.

This year, the Governor is investing more than $11 billion in education, including the most state funding ever spent on basic education in the history of Pennsylvania. This year’s budget increased state funding by $122 million.

Pennsylvania is investing these dollars where they matter the most: in the classroom with our students. The Governor is increasing funding for early childhood development by $5 million. Funding for Head Start was also increased $1.9 million to help children in need.

The Governor also has successfully worked with the commonwealth’s state-related and state-owned higher education institutions to keep tuitions more affordable for families.

Making a Real Difference

Governor Corbett is committed to making Pennsylvania a national model for student-centered education. Under his leadership, Pennsylvania has established the Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit, which gives Pennsylvania students a choice to leave failing and ineffective schools.

The Governor also started the Targeted Industry Program, which provides grants to students enrolling in certificate programs that are needed by high demand industries like energy, agriculture, and construction.

The Governor has transformed our public school system through real reform. With a significantly improved teacher evaluation system, Pennsylvania teachers can now receive the affirmation they deserve or take the first steps toward excellence.

By establishing a Pennsylvania School Report Card, the Governor provided a straightforward system to evaluate the quality of Pennsylvania’s schools and education system. Each of these reforms works to ensure a strong future for Pennsylvania’s children.