The Office of General Counsel offers a wide range of employment opportunities to attorneys in all stages of their legal careers.  From recent law school graduates to seasoned practitioners, we invite lawyers at any level of practice to join the OGC team and experience firsthand the rewards of working for “Pennsylvania’s Law Firm.”

Our approximately 500 attorneys are called upon daily to counsel OGC clients on a variety of legal issues that are as diverse as they are challenging. Depending upon the agency placement, OGC attorneys have the chance to get hands-on experience in such areas as procurement and contracts, environmental, labor, health care, criminal justice, claims and tort liability, technology, and administrative law.

Each Commonwealth agency is represented by a combination of OGC attorneys who are either developing their legal skills or are resident experts in various substantive areas of the law. New attorneys can gain invaluable, practical experience as they work side-by-side with experienced lawyers in resolving challenging, complex, and unique legal issues.  More experienced attorneys can refine their legal skills by taking on a lead role in the resolution of our agencies’ legal disputes.  In addition, OGC provides a variety of opportunities for those who aspire to be litigators; for those who want to handle transactional or regulatory matters; and for those who yearn to practice in such areas as health care, the environment, or criminal justice. OGC also offers management and supervisory positions to attorneys who are seeking to develop or refine their administrative and managerial skills.

OGC offers the qualified and motivated lawyer a legal practice that is exciting, challenging, and rewarding.  It is the practice of public service law that is unmatched by virtually anything in the private sector.

If you are interested in employment opportunities within the Office of General Counsel, including OGC offices in various Commonwealth departments and agencies, please submit an appropriate cover letter, resume, and writing sample to:

Office of General Counsel
Attention:  Human Resources
333 Market Street, 17th Floor
Harrisburg, PA  17101

Please note that the Commonwealth remains under a hiring freeze instituted in September 2008; as such, employment opportunities, if any remain extremely limited at this time.

Support Staff

Paralegals and professional assistants, among others, form important parts of the OGC team.  OGC’s Professional Support staff is a key contributor to its success.  There are numerous support staff opportunities available at OGC for intelligent and motivated individuals. The work is challenging, rewarding and fulfilling.  We hope you will consider joining the OGC team.