2014–15 Career and Technical Education Supplemental Equipment Grant


Applications for the 2014-15 Career and Technical Education Supplemental Equipment Grant will be accepted between (TBD).  Approximately $3 million in state funds are available for the purchase of equipment for use in the instruction of students enrolled in Pennsylvania Department of Education-approved career and technical education programs.  Each grant will be awarded based on the funding formula.



Competitive Career and Technical Education Equipment Grants


Did your school receive any 2013-14 Equipment Grants?

The required final performance report should have been submitted by July 15, 2014.

Your request for a 2014-15 grant will NOT be completely processed for funding until an acceptable final performance report (cover page, executive summary, procedures, conclusion, signature page, and a T-chart for each program funded) is received by the Bureau of Career and Technical Education.


Funding Source: State Funds

Grant Program: Guidelines (PDF)

Deadline: TBD

Application Information:  Application for this grant is done electronically using the e-Grants system that requires a password. Please read the Funding Guidelines below before using e-Grants. http://www.egrants.pa.gov/AuthenticationServices/Login.aspx

Other Information:  

Program Description:

Restrictions on Funding: Eligible expenditures are defined in the guidelines.

Eligible Entities: Area vocational-technical schools/career and technology centers that operate programs approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. 

School districts with eight or more approved career and technical education programs (two of which are trade and industrial programs) or to school districts offering approved vocational agriculture education programs.

Method of Distribution: Funds are distributed on a competitive basis to eligible educational agencies.