School Health Program

School Health

The School Health Program is the oldest program of public health services in Pennsylvania, with responsibilities predating 1895. The School Health Program facilitates the healthy growth and development of children of school age in Pennsylvania. The School Health Program serves all children of school age attending public, private and non-public schools in Pennsylvania. This program prevents and detects health problems, and maintains and improves the health status of students.

Boy on swingsSchool health programs and services impact on the health status and well-being of more than 1.9 million school age children in the Commonwealth’s public and non-public schools. 

The School Health Program is responsible for providing technical assistance, training, and coordination of programs and services to schools, parents, and the community at large regarding school health programs and services. This is accomplished in several ways:

1. Comprehensive Website- The pages of this website provide links to pertinent laws/regulations, Department of Health guidance, current medical recommendations/standards, educational opportunities, grant opportunities and additional resources related to school health concerns.

2. Directory for School Health Calls- School Health issues are shared by several Departments (for example, Agriculture, Education, Health, and Public Welfare). This directory provides phone numbers and webpages for the correct Department to answer frequent school health questions.

3. Community Health Nurses in the Department's State Health Centers- These nurses are available to provide technical assistance to schools, parents, and the community at large regarding school health programs and services. Please direct inquiries to the Community Health Nurse for your county or to the State Health Center which is covering your county.


Updated: May 14, 2014