Request for Reimbursement and
Report of School Health Services
Submission of SHARRS Reports for School Year 2013-14
The upgraded SHARRS is being finalized with a tentative initial rollout scheduled for August. The rollout requires that users in 700 school entities be entered into the "new" SHARRS. Schools will be notified when the system is open via PENN*LINK and this website.
Prior to the initial rollout, the Superintendent/CEO must identify the person to fill the role of "User Account Manager" (UAM). The UAM is the new title for the person responsible to approve and edit user accounts for your school entity. The title UAM replaces the title "Security Approver" in the old SHARRS. Additional information will be sent on this rollout.
Following completion of the initial rollout/UAM assignment, the "new" SHARRS is tentatively scheduled to open for the submission of the 2013-14 School Health Annual Report in late August.
In the meantime, gather the required data using the Hard Copy report below under "Tools to Assist in Completing...".
Additional information will be updated as the rollout progresses. Check this page for updates.
Thank you for your patience as we transition to the new system.
All school districts, charter schools, and comprehensive area vocational technical schools are required to submit the “Request for Reimbursement and Report of School Health Services” to the Department of Health within three months after the end of the school year. The purpose of this report is twofold:
  • To provide a mechanism for these educational institutions to document the provision of, and receive reimbursement for, health services as provided for in Article XIII Section 1303a (Immunizations), Article XIV (Health Services), and Article XXV Section 2505.1 (Reimbursement by Commonwealth and Between School Districts) of the Pennsylvania Public School Code and 28 Pa Code, Chapter 23 (School Health).
  • To obtain information about Pennsylvania’s school health program, including student health status, health service utilization and select nursing activity.
 School Health Annual Reimbursement Request System  (SHARRS)

SHARRS is a secure, web-based system that allows educational institutions to electronically submit their “Request for Reimbursement and Report of School Health Services.” SHARRS was designed to be used by a limited number of authorized persons at each educational institution, in the following roles: Data Entry, Business Manager and Superintendent/CEO. Authorized individuals have access to the system through the educational institution’s User Account Manager.

In order to access SHARRS, click here.





Tools to Assist in Completing Request for Reimbursement and

 Report of School Health Services



1. NEW!!  2013 - 2014 Request for Reimbursement & Report of School Health Services hard copy report   (Hard copy of electronic report to be used for data consolidation only!  Hard copy reports will not be accepted by the Department - all annual school health reports must be submitted electronically via SHARRS.)  

2. State Formula for Reimbursement for School Health Services



Tally Sheets for Data Collection

These tally sheets were designed to assist schools in gathering the information required for the "Request for Reimbursement and Report of School Health Services." They should NOT be submitted to the Division of School Health. Tally sheets are provided for the collection of daily data and monthly data, in two formats:

  • Electronic- Data may be entered directly onto the tally sheets via the computer. They have been designed in an Excel format and are "functional" meaning that they will automatically calculate the data as it is entered.  Before entering data, save this file to your computer by using the "Save as" function (Click on File, then Save As). Only cells requiring data input are accessible. The other cells are locked.
  • Manual- These tally sheets may be printed and used in hard-copy format.       

Average Daily Membership (ADM)- Private and non-public schools receiving school health services from school districts are to report their ADM numbers, to the school district, at the end of each school year for submission in the annual school health report.

1. Average Daily Membership (ADM)- Manual

2. Average Daily Membership (ADM) - Electronic

Dental Program (Mandated and Dental Hygiene)

1. Mandated Dental Program - Daily - Manual

2. Mandated Dental Program - Monthly - Manual

3. Mandated Dental Program - Daily/Monthly - Electronic

4. Dental Hygiene Services Program - Monthly - Manual

5. Dental Hygiene Services Program - Monthly - Electronic

6. Fluoride Program - Monthly - Manual

7. Fluoride Program - Monthly - Electronic

Health Screens

1. Health Screens - Daily - Manual

2. Health Screens - Monthly - Manual

3. Health Screens - Daily/Monthly - Electronic

Health Services

1. Health Services - Daily - Manual

2. Health Services - Monthly - Manual

3. Health Services - Daily/Monthly - Electronic

Medication Administration

1. Medication Administration - Daily for Individual Orders - Manual

2. Medication Administration - Daily for Standing Orders - Manual

3. Medication Administration - Monthly for Individual Orders - Manual

4. Medication Administration - Monthly for Standing Orders - Manual

5. Medication Administration - Daily for Individual and Standing Orders - Electronic

6. Medication Administration - Monthly for Individual and Standing Orders - Electronic 

Physical Examinations

1. Physical Examinations - Daily - Manual

2. Physical Examinations - Monthly - Manual

3. Physical Examinations - Daily/Monthly - Electronic

Serious School Injury

1. Serious School Injury - Daily - Manual

2. Serious School Injury - Monthly - Manual

3. Serious School Injury - Daily/Monthly - Electronic



Last Updated: July 17, 2014