The department requires all money transmitter and accelerated morgage payment provider applicants and licensees to use the NMLS to obtain and manage their Pennsylvania money transmitter and accelerated payment provider licenses.

Annual Report Questionnaire 
All entities licensed under the Money Transmitter Act are required to complete this Annual Report Questionnaire and return it no later than April 15 of the new licensing year. 

Criminal Record Check and Fingerprint Check
These forms must be completed along with license applications.  It is also required for all owners, partners, corporations, managers, and officers. 

Accelerated Mortgage Payment Provider Surety Bond

Accelerated Mortgage Payment Provider Pledge In Lieu of Surety Bond

Money Transmitter Surety Bond

Money Transmitter Pledge in Lieu of Surety Bond

Effective November 1, 2012, the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities, Non Depository Licensing Division, will no longer issue license/registration certificates or provide an email with a link to an electronic license/registration certificate to licensees/registrants who are required to obtain and manage their Pennsylvania licenses/registrations on the NMLS. Instead, licensees/registrants can print a copy of their state license/registration information from the NMLS Consumer Access website at www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org/. For licensees/registrants that, by law, must display their license/registration at their place of business, the Department directs you to print and display the Pennsylvania license/registratoin information that is located on the NMLS Consumer Access website. An example of the Pennsylvania license/registration information is set forth below.

To print the license/registration information for display or as evidence of licensure/registration: Log into the website; Enter licensee’s/registrant’s name, NMLS ID, and/or the License/Registration Number; Scroll down to “State Licenses/Registrations” and click on the “[+] View All”; Go to the Regulator column and find Pennsylvania, then look to the right and click “[+] View Detail.” You should see the licensee’s Pennsylvania information including the License/Registration #; Original Issue Date, Status, Status Date and Other Trade Names used in Pennsylvania. This is the form that the Department requires you to print so that you can comply with the requirement of displaying your license at your place of business or to show as proof of licensure with the Department.

Licensees should direct those who inquire about its license status to the NMLS Consumer Access website at www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org/.

For questions concerning this email, please contact the Non-Depository Licensing Division at (717) 787-3717.  Example: