Volume 86 No. 3 March 2015


Look for these features in Game News this month:


Rites of Passage

By Charles Dixon

A boy comes of age as a licensed hunter. This article is also the final feature that beloved artist Nick Rosato illustrated prior to his death in April 2014.


The Dark Featured Article

By Joe Kosack


Pennsylvania’s Fox Squirrels

By David R. Thompson

Charting the colorful squirrels’ former and recent strongholds.


Bearded Ladies

By Rex Everett

Beard or no beard, an adult hen turkey has a great chance of raising a brood this spring,  and hunters can follow some tips to keep from harvesting these nesters.


The Déjà vu Buck

By David Golias

What are the odds the events of a hunt will repeat a week later?


Danger Above

By Rodney Nulph

The limb fell 40 feet, striking the author’s father square on the head.


Sniffing Out Sheds

By Bud Cole

Hunting for antlers is a way to alleviate the winter doldrums, and nothing increases  success like the help of a trained nose.


Wax Paper, Wooden Matches & Cast Iron Skillets

By Mario Piccirilli

Change is constant in many hunters’ approach to the outdoors, but several old standbys  have withstood time’s test.


Two for the Ages Featured Article

By Jeannine T. Fleelge


Branching Out

Game Commission’s eagle cam reaching new heights in 2014.




The Campfire Featured Article

By Bob D’Angelo



Field Notes Featured Article


The Naturalist’s Eye

By Marcia Bonta

When spring has sprung it’s prime time to observe waterfowl.