Volume 85 No. 12 December 2015


Look for these features in Game News this month:

The Sacrifice Featured Article

By Bob D’Angelo

Caught in the Middle

By Jeffrey Woleslagle

Spending time side by side sets up the perfect hunting experience.


A Bear in the Ardennes Forest

By Curt Brendlinger

The author’s dad told this story of a 1945 bear hunt for more than 50 years.


Four for Four

By Jerry Bush

Could four hunters take four deer in one day?


The Phantom Buck of Haycock Mountain

By Mary A. Horne

A fantasy about a legend in Bucks County. Reprinted from the February 1964 issue of Game News.




The Campfire Featured Article
By Bob D’Angelo


Field Notes Featured Article

The Naturalist’s Eye

By Marcia Bonta

Christmas bird count.


Straight from the Bowstring

By Mike Raykovicz

Hunters now have options with tree stands that weren’t even dreamt about 50

years ago.


Lock, Stock & Barrel

By Jim Romanelli

Everyone wanted one, and every other rifle was measured against the pre-64 Winchester Model 70.