Volume 85 No. 9 September 2014

Look for these features in Game News this month:


Introducing GoHuntPa.org Featured Article
By Samantha Pedder

Pheasant Day

By Glenn Bates

Many hunters enjoy pursuing pheasants, but for the author of this story and his family, hunting pheasants is the favored sport.

Doves, For Starters

By Erik Thompson

This article provides tips on when, where and how to put birds in the bag.


You Never Know Featured Article
By Bob D’Angelo


Smith’s Maple

By David W. Evans

The author of this story earns permission to hunt in a suburban setting and enjoys success.


Making the Most From Your Catch Featured Article
By Joe Kosack

Banded Doves

By Lisa Williams

By carefully calibrating dove harvest regulations with annual population dynamics, a sustainable dove season can be enjoyed by today’s dove hunters.

The Federal Duck Stamp Turns 80

By John Dunn

Born in the dark days of the Great Depression and Dust Bowl, this landmark conservation initiative is still mission essential for waterfowl.


Thank You

By David Munch

The author recounts memories of past hunts, and even the times he spent all day in the woods and didn’t see a deer, he still came away with wonderful memories.




The Campfire Featured Article

By Joe Kosack

Field Notes Featured Article


The Naturalist’s Eye

By Marcia Bonta

Although large-eyed, big-eared white-footed mice can be comical and interesting, they also can be covered with the larvae and nymphs of black-legged ticks and build up huge concentrations of the Lyme disease bacteria.

Straight From the Bowstring

By Tom Tatum

It would be a shame to miss your shot at the buck of a lifetime, because you didn’t sort out the distance before you released your arrow. Gadgets and practice both can help.

Lock, Stock & Barrel

By Jim Romanelli

Handgun Basics Part 1



By Ben Moyer

Crows are among the most intelligent animals on earth, rivaling primates in various kinds of cognition.