Volume 85 N0. 10 October 2014


Look for these features in Game News this month:



CWD Update Featured Article

By Game News Staff


Wedding Ring Buck

By Jesse D. Brant

If missing out on a chance for your choice of three rack bucks doesn’t make you feel bad  enough, try losing a wedding ring the next day.


Beagling Bunnies

By Micah Sargent

It’s the thrill of the chase . . .


Waiting for a Wall-hanger

By Ed Cuneo

While growing up in South Jersey in the 1970s, most of the author’s hunting buddies  dreamed about bagging that first buck. The author was different, as he dreamed about  bagging his first ring-necked pheasant.


On the Backs of Bog Suckers Featured Article
By Lisa Williams & Eric Miller


Bird-hunter’s Dream

By James J. Corsetti Jr.

Woodcock offer challenging shots and great dog-training opportunities, but hunters  anywhere might happen into them.




The Campfire Featured Article

By Travis Lau


From the Field Featured Article

By Hal Korber


The Naturalist’s Eye

By Marcia Bonta

Out and about on State Game Lands 108 in Cambria County.


Straight from the Bowstring

By John Kasun

Although many hunters hunt out of tree stands, in some situations ground blinds can be  more effective.


Lock, Stock & Barrel

By Jim Romanelli

Handgun Basics Part 2: The Semi-autos.



By Gregg Rinkus

Little but lethal – the least weasel.