Volume 85 No. 4 April 2014


Look for these features in Game News this month:


Two Afternoon Gobblers

By Bob Steiner

Mornings and evenings are quite similar in the turkey woods; they just happen in  different directions.


Advertising in Trapping Featured Article

By Joe Kosack


Susquehanna County’s SGL 236 Featured Article
By William Williams

Scoring in Schuylkill

By Tom Tatum

A couple of outdoor writers score in the turkey woods.


What’s Out There? Featured Article

By PGC Deer Biologists Christopher Rosenberry, Jeannine Fleegle and Bret Wallingford

One for the Record Books
Featured Article

Travis Lau





From the Field
Featured Article


The Naturalist’s Eye

By Marcia Bonta

Not only do field sparrows start singing early, but they continue until at least the middle  of August, only taking short breaks after pairing up with mates.


Straight from the Bowstring

By Mike Raykovicz

Choosing a broadhead.


Long-Range Small-Bore Rifle Competition

By Jim Romanelli

Long-distance shooting on the range can be a lot of fun and sharpen your  marksmanship.



By Ben Moyer

Wood ducks nearly vanished once in the wake of the passenger pigeon, but now they’re  back. What a fine thought to savor, rounding a creek bend, anywhere in Penn’s Woods.