Volume 85 No. 11 November 2014


Look for these features in Game News this month:


Quadruple Trophy

By Travis Lau

As the season began, Leon Graham was happy just to be hunting elk; by the time it  ended, he had closed the books on the season of a lifetime.


2014 Black Bear Forecast Featured Article
By Joe Kosack

Tightrope Buck

By Daryl R. Clair

How a sure-footed buck changed a hunter’s luck.


The Versatile Springer Spaniel

By Jim Romanelli

Hunters are hard-pressed to find a more energetic partner.


Far and Wide

By Thane D. LaFollette

If instinct told you to pick up and move stand locations, would you listen?


Journey Through the Past

By Tyler Frantz

A new book titled Pennsylvania Deer Hunting, Through the Pages of Game News tracks  the state’s whitetail heritage decade by decade.


Fall Turkey Forecast Featured Article

By Joe Kosack

The harvest of 16,273 turkeys made the 2013 fall season one to remember. What’s in  store for this season? Find out with the fall turkey harvest.




Field Notes Featured Article


The Campfire Featured Article
By Travis Lau


The Naturalist’s Eye

By Marcia Bonta

The year of the Sinking Valley eagles.


Straight from the Bowstring

By P.J. Reilly

Do you or don’t you want to hunt with a quiver attached to your bow?


Lock, Stock & Barrel

By Dave Ehrig

Annually in Sullivan County, old friends gather, walk a mile up a mountain, pitch a lean- to, and hunt squirrels like their ancestors did.



By Chuck Fergus

Textbooks on trees may describe alders as having “no commercial value” because their  spindly, twisty stems aren’t straight or thick enough to yield marketable timber. Don’t  sell alders short, however, as those shrubby trees offer wildlife resources in abundance.