Volume 85 No. 7 July 2014


Look for these features in Game News this month:

A Hunter’s Dream

By Taylor Ankney

Part two of young girl’s “Triple Trophy” quest.

The Making of a Game News Featured Article

By Bob D’Angelo

Equipped to Take Chucks

By David H. Troxell

The author recounts his love for woodchuck hunting in this story as “lovely evenings, picturesque sunsets and lots of chucks.

Wildlife, Habitat & Fungi

By Jerry Hassinger

Fungi are important because of their relationships with other organisms that are absolutely critical to life on earth, and have inestimable significance for wildlife and humans.

A First Featured Article

By Brandon Bonin

Tackling Tree Stands Featured Article
By Joe Kosack

Backyard Songbirds

By Maria B. Sundy

Musings of a bird watching aficionado.


Research Briefs Featured Article

Field Notes Featured Article


The Naturalist’s Eye

By Marcia Bonta

The author’s hike on the Allegheny Front provided a setting much different from her hilly home, in an area appropriately named Pancake Flats.

Straight From the Bowstring

By P.J. Reilly

There is arguably no more important accessory for your bow than a sight. What’s the right one for you?

Lock, Stock & Barrel

By Jim Romanelli

Minimally, a sportsman should be able to put several consecutive rounds in at least a 3- inch group centered at 50 yards on the bull’s-eye.


By Chuck Fergus

The frosts of fall disable deer flies, making the woods a welcoming place again.