Never Say Never
ALLEGHENY — I never thought I'd be dealing with nuisance bears here. I trapped and relocated two bears, and had traps set to deal with ongoing issues from others. One of the bears I trapped was a 65-pound yearling that actually broke a window out of the front door of a home to get at some birdseed. It's amazing to see how adaptable bears have become in such a highly populated area.
— WCO Dan Puhala, Pittsburgh

A Great Achievement

ADAMS — During 2012, 278 students passed their HTE course in my southern county district. A big thank you goes out to all those instructors who participated and made this possible
— WCO Kevin Anderson, Littlestown


Death from the Sky
TIOGA — I had two deer struck by lightning in a hayfield last year. I have heard of this happening but had never seen it. A doe took the main shot, her whole body was covered with singed hair and the ground where she was standing had dirt and stones blown out from under her approximately eight inches deep. The bolt then jumped from her to a buck that was standing about 15 feet from her and struck him. He had a singed belly from back end to the front of his chest. A gouge in the ground under him on closer inspection had singed hair in it. The property owner who called it in said that they were awakened around 1:30 a.m. from a bright bolt of lightning and a very loud clap of thunder that shook the house.
— WCO Robert F. Minnich, Mansfield

Walk Worthwhile
To that lucky deer hunter who got the 11-point buck that scored 165-7/8 Boone & Crockett Club points on State Game Lands I congratulate you for walking back to a remote section. You certainly were rewarded. By the way, this same hunter said there was a "small" 8-point in the same area.
— LMO Richard Lupinsky