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The Walking Purchase. The following transcript is taken from the published Pennsylvania Archives, First Series, Vol. 1, pp. 541-543.

We, Teesshakomen, alias Tisheekunk, and Tootamis alias Nutimus, two of the Sachem's or Chiefs of the Delaware Indians, having, almost three Years ago, at Durham, begun a treaty with our honourable Brethren John and Thomas Penn, and from thence another Meeting was appointed to be at Pensbury, the next Spring Following, to which We repaired with Lappawinzoe and Several others of the Delaware Indians, At which Treaty Several Deeds were produced and Shewed to us by our said Bretheren, concerning Several Tracts of Land which our Forefathers had, more than fifty Years ago, Bargained and Sold unto our good Friend and Brother William Penn, the Father of the said John and Thomas Penn, and in particular one Deed from Mayhkeerickkishsho, Sayhoppy and Taughhaughsey, the Chiefs or Kings of the Northern Indians on Delaware, who, for large Quantities of Goods delivered by the Agents of William Penn, to those Indian Chiefs, did Bargain and Sell unto the said William Penn, All those Tract or Tracts of Land lying and being in the Province of Pennsylvania, Beginning upon a line formerly laid out from a Corner Spruce Tree by the River Delaware, about Makeerickkitton, and from thence running along the ledge or foot of the Mountains, West North West to a corner white Oak marked with the Letter P, Standing by the Indian Path that Leadeth to an Indian town called Playwickey, and from thence extending Westward to Neshameney Creek, from which said line the said Tract or Tracts therebyi Granted, doth extend itself back into the Woods as far as a Man can goe in one day and a helf, and bounded on the Westerly side with the Creek called Neshameny, or the most Westerly branch thereof, So far as the said Branch doth extend, and from thence by line to the utmost extent of the said one day and a half's Journey, and from thence to the aforesaid River Delaware, and from thence down the Several Courses of the said River to the first mentioned Spruce tree. And all this did likewise appear to be true by William Biles and Joseph Wood, who upon their Affirmations, did solemnly declare that they well remembred the Treaty held between the Agents of William Penn and those Indians. But some of our Old Men being then Absent, We requested of our Brethren John Penn and Thomas Penn, that We might have more time to Consult with our People concerning the same, which request being granted us, We have, after more than two Years since the Treaty at Pensbury, now come to Philadelphia, together with our chief Sachems Monochyhickan, and several of our Old Men, and upon a further Treaty held upon the same Subject, We Do Acknowledge Ourselves and every of Us, to be fully satisfyed that the above described Tract or Tracts of Land were truly Granted and Sold by the said Mayhkeericckkishsho, Sayhoppy, and Taughhaughsey, unto the said William Penn and his heirs, And for a further Confirmation thereof, We, the said Monockyhickan, Lappawinzoe, Tisheekunk, and Nutimus, Do, for ourselves and all other the Delaware Indians, fully, clearly and Absolutely Remise, Release, and forever Quit claim unto the said John Penn, Thomas Penn, and Richard Penn, All our Right Title, Interest, and pretentions whatsoever of , in, or to the said Tract or Tracts of Land, and every Part and Parcel thereof, So that neither We, or any of us, or our Children, shall or may at any time hereafter, have Challenge, Claim, or Demand any Right, Title or Interest, or any pretentions whatsoever of, in, or to the said Tract or Tracts of Land, or any Part thereof, but of and from the same shall be excluded, and forever Debarred. And We do hereby further Agree, that the extent of the said Tract or Tracts of Land shall be forthwith Walked, Travelled, or gone over by proper Persons to be appointed for that Purpose, According to the direction of the aforesaid Deed.
In Witness whereof, We have hereunto set our hands and Seals, at Philadelphia, the Twenty-fifth day of the Month called August, in the Year, According to the English account, one thousand Seven hundred and thirty-seven.
NOOTIMUS his X mark

The above Deed being read and explained to all the Indians at this Treaty, the following Persons, on behalf of themselves and all the other Indians now present, have agreed to Sign or put their Names to the same as Witnesses, in Token of their free and full consent to what the above named Monochyhickan, Llappawinzoe, Tisheekunk, and Nutimus, have signed and Sealed.
Sealed, Subscribed and Delivered, Tameckapa, his X mark,
In the presence of us, Oochqueahgtoe, his X mark,

James Logan, Wayshaghinichon, his X mark,
A. Hamilton, Nectotaylemet, his X mark,
Rd. Assheton, Taarlichigh, his X mark,
James Steel, Neeshalinicka, his X mark,
Thomas Griffitt, Neepaheeiloman, alias Jo Tunum, his X mark,
William Allen, Ayshaataghoe, alias Cornelius, his X mark,
Thomas Freame, Aysolickon, his X mark
John Georges, Chichagheway, his X mark
James Hamilton, John Hans, his X mark
Edward Shippen, Shawtagh, his X mark
Wm. Logan,  
James Letort,  
Robt. Charles,  
James Steel, Jun.,  
James Steel  
Bearefoot Brunson, Interpreter.