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Feb. 28

Mr. Romberger

Dear Sir

Would you please try and get us some coal as we need it very bad. I put an order in at the Union Hose House but no one seems to come around to see about it or not. If we could get work I would not ask for any thing. But _____ has been working at the park and only makes $12 some times not that much a week and now he has no work at all. They wont even given my boy _______ a job because his dad is working and he has it to keep on the little he makes. Every time we ask for a relief order or any thing we are turned down. But we have a party close to us that loses weeks work at a time account of drink and he is carried on the welfare just the same only him and his wife gets coal blankets relief orders and every thing they give. Here we are honest and willing to work and when we ask for any thing get turned down. Even voted the Republican ticket 5 of us and dont get any consideration even when we ask for a little coal that we cant possibly buy and need it for the little children and also food and shoes but we cant get any thing it seems. Kindly look after this for me please.

Mrs _________________
__ Nissley St
Middletown Pa

as soon as possible