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Civil Rights and Integration

2139 Allen Street
Allentown, Pennsylvania
August 19, 1957

Governor George M. Leader
Governor of Pennsylvania
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

My dear Governor:

I want to congratulate you for having taken prompt action in helping to stop the disgraceful action of mobs against the citizen who wanted to move into his home in Levittown. Pennsylvania has a noble history in this respect, as a center for the Underground Railway, as the home of Thaddeus Stevens and it is shameful that a handful of people are attempting to mar it. I urge you to take the strongest action possible against those who would stir up racial antagonisms in this way.

Sincerely yours,

Richard W. Reichard

Aug. 20, 1957

Gov. Leader,

Dear Sir,

I think your handling of the Levittown situation is brutal, and does not show good judgement on the part of one who is suppose to be Governor of our state.

If you had ever lived near those savages, then you would know why people object to their moving into Levittown.

Pardon me for not signing my name for it has reached the point where people like I are not free to express our opinions, thanks to people like you.

See you at the Polls.