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Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

Appendix N Drug Residue Training Program

This site contains training documents associated with Appendix N Drug Residue testing and QC forms that are required for record keeping.

A test will be required for completion of the training program and will be submitted for grading purpose.  A score of 80% is a passing grade.  Passing test scores will be maintained as proof of training. 

Training of Certified Industry Supervisors (CIS) and Industry Supervisors (IS) that are listed at their testing facility is required according to the current FDA 2013 Evaluation of Milk Laboratories manual (2013 EML).

Participation in this training program with a passing test score would be acceptable for the required training of CIS and IS.

This training must be completed every two (2) years.  Failure to do so will result in removal as a CIS or IS.


Mike Hydock
Chief of Lab Division
(717) 772-3236

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