Tom Wolf, GovernorRussell Redding, Secretary
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

Certificate of Free Sale

Many countries around the world require certification documents to accompany products being imported into their countries. The Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services will prepare Certificates of Free Sale at no charge for food companies or manufacturers inspected and licensed or registered with the Department.  The company or manufacturer requesting the certificate is responsible for costs to mail the certificates to the requested locations or addresses.

To acquire the certificate you will need the following:

  • Current valid registration or license with the Department.
  • A recent inspection of your facility completed by a PA Department of Agriculture Sanitarian.
  • Name of food product being exported.
  • Country to which product is to be exported.
  • Number of Certificates needed for exportation.
  • Name(s) and addresses to which the certificates are to be sent.
  • Method of shipment information and billing account numbers.
  • Contact person within the company.


Pamela Hall
Administrative Assistant
(717) 787-4315
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