Tom Wolf, GovernorRussell Redding, Secretary
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

Cervidae Livestock Operations

Cervidae Livestock Operations are an agricultural operation in which privately-owned members of the Family Cervidae are held in captivity.  Parties must complete the Cervidae Livestock Operations application and pay $150 for the two year license.  Exemptions to the Cervidae Livestock Operations license includes either an operation with a Pennsylvania Game Commission menagerie permit under 34 Pa.C.S. ยง 2964 (relating to menagerie permits) or a premises on less than ten (10) contiguous acres and a party making less than $10,000 in gross annual agricultural income.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is required to license and inspect Cervidae Livestock Operations, and to issue permits prior to importation of Cervidae into the Commonwealth. A permittee must receive a permit number before the animal is imported into Pennsylvania.  Additionally, testing requirements for imports are established by the Bureau of Animal Health and Diagnostic Services.


Quanisa Lewis
Licensing Clerk
(717) 836-3236

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