Tom Wolf, GovernorRussell Redding, Secretary
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

Milk Sanitation Program

Pennsylvania's Milk Sanitation Law and associated regulations govern the state's Milk Sanitation Program, and establishes mechanisms for inspections, certifications, and Interstate Milk Shippers ratings of permit holders and licensees. Specific Milk Sanitation program responsibilities include the following:

  • Provide for the annual training and licensing of Pennsylvania approved inspectors and complete their recertification for Grade 'A' farm inspection work every 3 years.
  • Complete regulatory inspections of milk, ice-cream, cheese, and other dairy products manufacturing plants on a regular basis.
  • Complete inspections of pasteurization equipment for milk and dairy products on a regular basis.
  • Complete interstate milk shippers program ratings of Grade 'A' bulk tank units, milk plants, and single service container manufacturers every 2 years.
  • Complete regulatory inspections of milk producer quality records every 6 months and bulk milk tankers each year.
  • Complete inspections of raw milk permit holders and their required records every 3 months.
  • Complete on-site certification of milk plant samplers and bulk milk weigher/ samplers on a periodic basis.
  • Complete plan reviews for new milking systems as well as for new dairy plant construction. Review proposed milk and dairy food labeling for approval prior to use.
  • Provide oversight for dairy farm market changes
  • Complete routine sampling and special sampling responsibilities on a monthly basis.
  • Respond to consumer complaints and assist with required recalls.


Paul Hoge
Program Specialist
(724) 443-1585
Steve Kurtz
Program Specialist
(717) 787-4315

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