Tom Wolf, GovernorRussell Redding, Secretary
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

Shellfish, Intra and Interstate Program

Food Establishments under this program would include, a building, or place or portion thereof, or vehicle maintained, used or operated for the purpose of commercially manufacturing, processing, storing, or distributing shellfish products for human consumption. 

Proprietors intending to operate a shellfish manufacturing, warehousing, processing, or storage food establishment must apply to the Department for a  Food Registration.   All Food Establishments under Act 106, (3 C.S ยงยง5721 - 5737) the Food Safety Act, as well as a Shellfish Certification, must Register prior to operation. 

Shellfish food establishments must be inspected and be found in compliance before the Department can issue a Food Registration and Shellfish Certification.  In order to be compliant with Shellfish requirements, food establishments must also be compliant with Seafood HACCP requirements. 

How to Apply:

To obtain a shellfish certification and applicant should submit a completed Shellfish Establishment Plan Review Application to the Department.  Applications should be submitted to the Harrisburg office through mail at:

PA Department of Agriculture

Bureau of Food Safety - ATTN Shellfish Specialist

2301 N Cameron St

Harrisburg, PA   17110 

Once received, the Department will contact the proprietor to discuss their facility, products, registration and inspections.  There is no fee associated with the Shellfish Certification.


Once a shellfish certification has been issued, all certifications expire on October 31st.  Each year shellfish permits will be renewed if the last shellfish inspection prior to Oct 31st is in compliance with regulations found in Title 7, Chapter 49 and the NSSP Model Ordinance. If the proprietor does not wish to renew their shellfish certification, they should contact the Program Specialist.


Robert Hein
Program Specialist
(717) 787-5107

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