Beginning in October 2011, pilot Phase 1 districts will receive training on the new comprehensive planning process. Training will occur at Intermediate Units around Pennsylvania.

Pilot Phase 1 districts will then use the new Comprehensive Planning Process and the offline guide to begin their planning.

They will receive additional technical training in May of 2011 on the use of the new Comprehensive Planning Tool. They will enter their planning information into the tool.

All Pilot Phase 1 districts will submit their District Level Plan by November 30, 2012.

All Pennsylvania schools that are required to submit school level plans will also receive process training in October 2011 at the Intermediate Units.

These schools will use the School Level offline planning guide to begin creating their plan. Then, in May 2011, they will receive technical training on the use of the Comprehensive Planning tool.

Schools will submit their school level plans by July 1, 2012.

Districts and schools will access the Comprehensive Planning Tool via the Education portal. Any user not already registered on the Education portal ( can do so by clicking on the Register link in the upper left corner.