A great way to keep your sense of community is to preserve the historic school buildings found in your neighborhood.  Learn more on School Preservation.

One of the most fragile resources to preserve and protect are our burial grounds and cemeteries. Learn how you can preserve these sacred places in our Cemetery Restoration and Preservation section.

Are you required by state or federal law to consider the historic properties in your project area?  Or are you a concerned citizen who would like to know how the law protects these resources?  Visit our Project Review section to learn more.

Visit our Pennsylvania and National Register programs to learn how you can nominate a historic building or archaeological site in your neighborhood.

The State Museum of Pennsylvania preserves over three million archaeological artifacts in its collections. Learn about these archaeological collections and how you can donate to the Museum to preserve pieces of Pennsylvania history.

The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, through its Bureau of Archives and History, is responsible for providing archival and records management services to county and municipal governments, school districts, and the state judicial system. Learn more about these Records Management services.