The PHMC has many resources, online and at our sites and museums, that can help you learn more about Pennsylvania's history.  

The State Archives section of our Web site contains all the information you need to visit and use the state archives. There are many research topics that can be explored at the State Archives, such as Women's history, African American resources, Geneology or the Land, Military and Railroad records available at the archives.

Our History section contains a wealth of research material available online for everyone. Take a look at the Agricultural History Project to learn about the history of Pennsylvania's farm country. Our Pennsylvania History site will help you learn about the history of people, places, events and things in Pennsylvania. Or visit our Oral History guide to learn how you could perform interviews that will serve as a record of our past. Research using our CRGIS tool to find historic and cultural resources. Or learn about Architecture in your neighborhood.

Explore Pennsylvania Archaeology as a professional, student & teacher, or a member of the public. It includes information on projects in Pennsylvania, general information on the time periods of prehistoric history, as well as special topics such as petroglyphs and New Deal archaeology.