Career Cluster Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
Code Title Former Code Former Title
01.0401 AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD PRODUCTS PROCESSING 01.0401 Agricultural and Food Products Processing Operations and Management

Competency Area
Occupational Competency Evaluation
Agriculture 1200 Instructional (degree program) N/A N/A
Description An instructional program having a combination of subject matter and learning experiences designed to prepare individuals to receive, process and store food and non-food products and to inspect those products preparatory to marketing. This program includes instruction in processes, scientific principles and management decisions concerned with agricultural production of agriculture-related processing and storage techniques. The groups of food products include: (1) meat, fish, poultry and eggs; (2) dairy products; (3) fruits and vegetables; (4) cereal grains; and (5) other foods and beverages. The non-food products include cotton, tobacco and wool. Instruction may be provided in any or all groups of these products.
Notes This CIP is no longer eligible for new program approval.