Career Cluster Architecture & Construction
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Competency Area
Occupational Competency Evaluation
Vocational-Intern/ Instructional 2600 Vocational-Instructional (non-degree program) Electric Power & Communications Lineperson 2092 Electrical Power and Distribution
Description A program of instruction that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills that include principles and concepts of electric power distribution and transmission of communications intelligence combined with specialty courses and applied laboratory experiences. This program includes, from source to user, all elements of electrical power transmission systems, communications systems such as telephone - voice and data, microwave systems and video distribution systems. Instruction also includes but is not limited to basic theory, concepts and practices of electricity and electronics, transmission systems, line work including layout, setting of poles, erecting towers, guying, stringing cables, splicing, installing equipment, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair. The program requires pole and tower climbing, trenching for underground conduit and cable, operation of power equipment and strenuous physical activity. (continued in notes...)
Notes Safety requirements and practices relating to personal safety, housekeeping, hazardous materials, personal protective equipment, electrical protective equipment and others are emphasized.