Career Cluster Architecture & Construction
Code Title Former Code Former Title
46.0408 PAINTING/PAINTER AND WALL COVERER 46.0408 Painter and Wall Coverer

Competency Area
Occupational Competency Evaluation
Vocational-Intern/ Instructional 2600 Vocational-Instructional (non-degree program) Painting & Decorating 2049 Painting & Decorating
Description An instructional program that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills in applying paint, varnish, stains, enamels or lacquers to decorate and protect interior and exterior surfaces and using sandpaper, paint remover, scraper, wire brush or blow torch to prepare surfaces for finishing. Learning experiences also include filling nail holes, cracks and joints with putty, plaster or other filler; selecting premixed paints or preparing paint to match specified colors by mixing required portions of pigment, oil, thinning material or drying substances; and painting surfaces with brush, splat gun or painting roller. Instruction includes simulating wood grain, marble, brick and other effects and creating special effects by applying paint with cloth, brush, sponge or fingers. Hanging wallpaper and fabrics may also be included in the instructional program.