Career Cluster Arts, A/V Technology & Communications
Code Title Former Code Former Title
10.0399 GRAPHIC COMMUNICATIONS, OTHER 48.0299 Graphic and Printing Equipment Operators, Other

Competency Area
Occupational Competency Evaluation
Vocational-Intern/Instructional 2600 Vocational-Instructional (non-degree program) Graphic Occupations 2076 Graphic Communications
Description An instructional program that generally prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to plan, prepare and execute commercial and industrial visual image and print products using mechanical, electronic and digital graphic and printing equipment. Students learn desktop publishing, layout, composition, presswork and bindery as well as photography, flexography, lithography, photoengraving and other graphic arts techniques. Emphasis is on typographical layout and design using computer graphics, photo typesetting, camera and plate making, offset preparation and operation, paper cutting, ink and color preparation and dynamics and airbrush and screen printing production.
Notes The following certificates are no longer issued but remain valid for teaching in this program:
Electronic Composition 2090
Graphic Arts 2087
Printing 2057