You must submit Application Supplement No. 2009-087-1 and a copy of your transcript with your online or paper application.  (See “How to Apply.”)


NUMBER  2009-087

ISSUED   MAY 20, 2009



Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

State Civil Service Commission








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Job Title



Pay Schedule

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Aquatic Resources Program Specialist






VETERANS:  Pennsylvania law (51 Pa.C.S. §7103) provides employment preference for qualified veterans for appointment to many state and local government jobs.  To learn more about employment preferences and opportunities for veterans, visit the Commission’s website, Job Seekers page, for Veterans; visit one of our offices; or call our veterans information line, (717) 787-6039.




Aquatic Resources Program Specialists work in the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.  You will develop, administer, evaluate and promote aquatic resources, recreation, interpretive and natural resources education programs on basic subjects such as fish biology and aquatic ecology; aquatic resources conservation; aquatic resources recreation (fishing, boating, and related activities); and boating and water safety.  You also will develop and implement statewide, regional or county plans and programs designed to promote fishing and boating; develop curriculum and lesson plans; and conduct classes, workshops and training sessions; prepare required materials; and represent the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission before various professional organizations/groups/clubs.




You must be willing to work nights and weekends, and to travel statewide in the performance of your duties.  Travel expenses will be paid.


You are subject to Pennsylvania residency requirements and must be able to perform the essential functions of the job.  Visit the Commission’s website, Job Seekers page, for PA Residency Information.


You must be a Pennsylvania resident, of good moral character and able to perform the essential functions of the job.


Minimum Requirements

Two years of professional experience in the administration, planning, or development of aquatic resources programs that included one year of experience in the development and implementation of aquatic resources education programs; OR any equivalent combination of experience and training which must include one year of experience in the development and implementation of aquatic resources education programs.


Clarification of Requirements

You may substitute related graduate level education for up to one year of experience but not for the required one year of professional experience in the development and implementation of aquatic resources education programs.  Unrelated experience or education will not be accepted.


NOTE:  Part-time experience will be prorated.  Experience in developing and conducting classes, workshops and training sessions in broader subject areas, for example, environmental conservation, biology and so forth, will not be credited as full-time experience in an aquatic resources program.  In such instances you must indicate what percentage of your time was specifically devoted to aquatic resources education.  We will prorate your relevant experience to determine if you qualify.


Clarification of Requirements

Please make sure you meet all requirements.  If you are not sure you qualify, contact one of the Commission's offices listed at the end of this announcement for guidance.






All positions are located in the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission in the following counties:  Crawford, Dauphin, Lancaster, Luzerne and Somerset.


For the most recent information on job opportunities contact the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, Human Resources Division, P.O. Box 67000, 1601 Elmerton Avenue, Harrisburg, PA 17106-7000; Telephone:  (717) 705-7820;




You will be rated on your experience and training.  Your score will be based on information you report on your application and application supplement.


You must provide complete and accurate information.  Failure to do so may delay the processing of your application, or result in a lower-than-deserved score or disqualification.


If you take the test and want to take it again, you may be retested after 6 months from the date of your "Notice of Examination Results."  A new application and application supplement are required for a retest.


If your name is on an eligible list for this job title and you take this test, your most recent examination result will be the only one counted.




Employment and promotion lists will be established.  You will be notified in writing of your test results.




Complete your application and Application Supplement No. 2009-087-1 on the Commission’s website, Job Seekers page, by selecting Online Application, or submit your completed paper application and paper application supplement to:



State Civil Service Commission

ATTN:  Applications

P.O. Box 569

Harrisburg, PA  17108-0569


Online and paper applications both require submission of a copy of your transcripts at the time of application.  Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.  Enter your name and Social Security Number at the top of the transcripts.  Send by e-mail to or fax to (717) 787-8650 or mail to the above address.


Applications, Application Supplement No. 2009-087-1 and further information can be obtained from:



State Civil Service Commission:




Harrisburg:  2nd Level, Strawberry Sq. Complex, 320 Market St., P.O.


Box 569, Hbg., 17108-0569; Telephone (Voice) (717) 783-3058, Text


Telephone (Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing callers only) (717) 772-2685




Philadelphia:  110 North 8th St., Suite 503, Phila., 19107; Telephone


(Voice) (215) 560-2253, Text Telephone (Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing


callers only) (215) 560-4367




Pittsburgh:  411 Seventh Ave., Room 410, Pgh., 15219; Telephone


(Voice) (412) 565-7666, Text Telephone (Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing


callers only) (412) 565-2484




PA CareerLink offices




The Human Resources office listed under the "JOB OPPORTUNITIES" section of this announcement


For further information on testing, assistance for persons with disabilities, veterans' preference and other items, refer to the instructions provided with the "Application for Employment/Promotion."