You must submit a copy of your undergraduate and graduate transcripts with your application.  See the “How to Apply” section for further information on sending transcripts.


NUMBER  2010-102

ISSUED   MAY 19, 2010


Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

State Civil Service Commission











Job Title



Pay Schedule

and Range



Speech, Language and Hearing Specialist






VETERANS:  Pennsylvania law (51 Pa.C.S. §7103) provides employment preference for qualified veterans for appointment to many state and local government jobs.  To learn more about employment preferences and opportunities for veterans, visit the Commission’s website, Job Seekers page, for Veterans; visit one of our offices; or call our veterans information line, (717) 787-6039.




You will conduct testing and diagnostic services and plan a treatment program of individual and group therapy for persons with auditory, speech, language and related disabilities at a state operated facility.  Work involves selecting and administering tests to measure and evaluate those disabilities; determining extent of disability and defining habilitation/rehabilitation objectives; consulting with a professional discipline coordinator concerning test results, interview findings, interpretations and recommendations; developing program plans, goals and objectives for each patient; instructing persons in the use and care of hearing aids, augmentative communications devices and related adaptive equipment; compiling and presenting case studies to colleagues; and participating in training.




You are subject to Pennsylvania residency requirements and must be able to perform the essential functions of the job.  Visit the Commission’s website, Job Seekers page, for PA Residency Information.


If you are a final candidate for a position covered by the Child Protective Services Law, you will have to provide reports on your background, at your own expense, from such sources as the Pennsylvania State Police and the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.  If you are not a Pennsylvania resident, you must also obtain a report of Federal Criminal History Record Information, at your own expense, from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Condition of Employment

You must possess a certificate of clinical competence from the Council of Professional Standards of the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association and/or licensure as required by state law or regulation for professional employment in public schools or approved private schools.


Minimum Requirements

You must have completed all requirements for a master’s degree, excluding a thesis, in the field of communicology or a related area, including or supplemented by not less than 24 credit hours in speech pathology and/or audiology earned at either the graduate or undergraduate level.


Clarification of Requirements

Please make sure you meet all requirements.  If you are not sure you qualify, contact one of the Commission's offices listed at the end of this announcement for guidance.






There are 14 Speech, Language and Hearing Specialists located throughout the Commonwealth.  The positions are located in the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare at a restoration center, state mental health hospitals and state mental retardation centers.  Typically there are 1 or 2 positions filled per year.


Additional opportunities may occur due to normal turnover from retirements, promotions, transfers, resignations and so forth.


For the most recent information on job opportunities contact the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, Bureau of Human Resources, Health and Welfare Building – Room 106, P.O. Box 2675, Harrisburg, PA 17105-2675; Telephone:  (717) 787-5068;;




Your application will be evaluated to determine whether you meet the minimum requirements.  If you meet these requirements you will receive a score.  You will receive additional credit if you have a certificate of clinical competence from the Council of Professional Standards of the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association and/or licensure as required by state law or regulations for professional employment in public schools or approved private schools.  Be sure to enter your certificate or license number in the appropriate section on the front of your application.


You must provide complete and accurate information on your application.  Failure to do so may delay the processing of your application, or result in ineligibility.


If you take the test and want to take it again, you may be retested after 2 months from the date of your application.  A new application is required for a retest.


If your name is on an eligible list for this job title and you take this test, your most recent examination result will be the only one counted.




Employment and promotion lists will be established.  You will be notified in writing of your test results.




Complete your application on the Commission’s website, Job Seekers page, by selecting Online Application, or submit your completed paper application to:



State Civil Service Commission

ATTN:  Applications

P.O. Box 569

Harrisburg, PA  17108-0569


Online and paper applications both require submission of copies of your undergraduate and graduate school transcripts at the time of application.  Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.  Enter your name and Social Security Number at the top of the transcripts.  Send by e-mail to or fax to (717) 787-8650 or mail to the above address.


Applications and further information can be obtained from:



State Civil Service Commission:




Harrisburg:  2nd Level, Strawberry Sq. Complex, 320 Market St., P.O.


Box 569, Hbg., 17108-0569; Telephone (Voice) (717) 783-3058,


Text Telephone (Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing callers only) (717) 772-2685




Philadelphia:  110 North 8th St., Suite 503, Phila., 19107; Telephone


(Voice) (215) 560-2253, Text Telephone (Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing callers only) (215) 560-4367





Pittsburgh:  411 Seventh Ave., Room 410, Pgh., 15219;Telephone


(Voice) (412) 565-7666, Text Telephone (Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing


callers only) (412) 565-2484




PA CareerLink offices




The Human Resources office listed under the "JOB OPPORTUNITIES" section of this announcement


For further information on testing, assistance for persons with disabilities, veterans' preference and other items, refer to the instructions provided with the "Application for Employment/Promotion."