Title:†† Commonwealth Nursing

Commitment to Service


Bernadette:† Why should you spend your nursing career with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania? To help answer that question, letís hear from some registered nurses who work for the Commonwealth.


Muriel (DMVA):† Working for the Commonwealth as a registered nurse has offered me stability and a comfortable retirement plan. I have progressed in my career as a registered nurse in a veteransí home to a management position as the Director of Nursing.


Susan (Corrections): I would strongly encourage nurses new to the field to consider a career with the Commonwealth. I wish I would have started my career in Corrections earlier because I could have considered retiring at age 50. Nursing careers in the Commonwealth have many great benefits.


Kim (Health): After working for many years in the hospital setting, I was ready for a job where I could promote public health in a variety of settings. Iím making a difference within the community. Itís rewarding to know that my job as a nurse for the Department of Health gives me the opportunity to work with the public and also gives me the chance to perform nursing work that prevents, controls, and eliminates diseases.


Deb (DPW):† The benefit I like most about Commonwealth employment is the opportunity to work in a variety of locations in different agencies. Five years ago I had to relocate because of my husbandís job. I transferred from a Correctional facility in Somerset County to a Department of Public Welfare facility in Dauphin County. I remained employed by the Commonwealth and did not lose any vacation, pay, retirement or seniority.


Bernadette:† Part-time opportunities are available in the Commonwealth. Registered nurses can work permanent part-time or as PRNs in 3 state agencies: the Department of Public Welfare, the Department of Corrections, and the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.


Rita (Corrections):† Working as a part-time nurse for the Department of Corrections is a great fit for me. I can spend more time with my family and continue to accumulate seniority and benefits on a part-time basis. I can also stay current with my nursing practices until Iím ready to go back to work full-time.


Dennis (DMVA):† As a PRN nurse, I receive a higher rate of pay and have a flexible work schedule. Iím called when needed. I do not receive benefits; however, at this point in my life, benefits are not my priority.


Bernadette:† Registered nurses in the Commonwealth have many options available to them. They can work in four different agencies in various facilities across the Commonwealth.


Mary Lou (DMVA):† I enjoy working for the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs where I have the opportunity to give back to my country.


Gerald (Corrections):† If you want to fulfill your nursing potential with a variety of job duties, you can come work for the Department of Corrections in one of our many facilities across the Commonwealth.


Mary Kay (DPW):† The Department of Public Welfare offers a number of rewarding careers in a variety of health care settings. You have the opportunity to work with vulnerable individuals of all ages with complex physical and mental health issues.


Heather (Health):† If you are interested in a career that can take you down several paths, such as direct patient care, consulting with other professionals, surveying facilities, and promoting general health, then the Pennsylvania Department of Health is the place for you.