Title:†† Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

††††††††† Serving Those Who Served


Kathy: I enjoy working in the veteranís facility because of the home-like atmosphere. I have been here since the facility opened and have developed close relationships with our residents. They consider this their home and I am part of their family.


Kathy: Hey George.


George: They did pretty good last night.


Kathy: Yeah, they won the first.


George: Yeah.


Kathy: Yeah, how about that.


Barbara: We are very fortunate to have a full-time scheduler at the veteransí homes. She schedules activities and appointments for the residents. This gives me the chance to provide quality care and spend more time with each resident.


Barbara: Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Cooper. Faye, you have an eye doctor appointment today.


†Mr. Cooper: Yes and I am going to go with you.


Barbara: The driver is waiting outside for you now.


Cliff: We have 3 different levels of care in the veteransí homes, skilled, personal and dementia. You have the opportunity to find your niche, with nursing ratios that are well above industry standards. The care provided on each unit is dependent on the residentsí specific needs.


Alex: I have the opportunity to work with other health care professionals. We develop care plans and itís a team effort that helps enhance the quality of life for all our residents.


Alex: Whatís up Coop?


Alex: Hi Holly.


Holly: Hey Alex.


Alex: We have a new admission today.


Holly: Okay.


Alex: I know you are planning on assessing the resident, so Iíll put the paperwork in your mailbox.


Holly: Great and Iíll be over in a little bit. Iíll introduce myself and Iíll complete the assessment.


Alex: Okay, great.


Holly: Great, thanks.


Wendy: I was first hired as a staff nurse. Now Iím an infection control nurse. There are real opportunities for growth here and Iíve gained valuable experiences. This is not just a job, but a career where I am part of a team.


Mary Lou: One of the many things our staff enjoys is watching our residents having fun. I personally enjoy working for the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs where I have the opportunity to give back to my country.