Title:   Pennsylvania Department of Health

          Careers That Care


Kim: In public health nursing, you have several options for employment. Working as a Community Health Nurse gives you the opportunity to work hands-on in diagnosing, preventing, controlling and eliminating diseases.


Rosemary: A Health Facility Quality Examiner conducts inspections or surveys at health care facilities for licensing purposes and to determine quality of patient care.


Heather: A Nursing Services Consultant develops programs and advises school nurses, educators, physicians and the public on a variety of community health issues.


Kim: As a Community Health Nurse, I am responsible for giving immunizations to people of all ages.


Kim: Hi Jenny. How’s Cameron doing?


Jenny: Hi. She’s doing well.


Kim: Did you bring her immunization record today?


Jenny: Yes I did. Here you go.


 Kim: Is she allergic to anything?


Jenny: No, she’s not, but I do have one question. Will she be getting more than one shot today?


 Kim: Yes, it looks like she is due for her measles, polio, and hepatitis shots today.


(Telephone rings)


Don: Hello, this is the Dauphin County state health center. How can I help you today?


Angela: Yes, I’m calling from the emergency room and I have a patient here with a dog bite. She’s concerned about rabies.


Don: Where was she bitten?


Angela: On her ankle.


Don: Does she know the owner of the dog?


Angela: Yes, it was her neighbor’s dog.


Don: Okay, I’m going to start an investigation to determine if the dog is up-to-date on its vaccinations.


Rosemary: I am a member of a multi-disciplinary professional team. Our team meets with facility administrators and staff to conduct annual inspections. Nurses work on teams assigned to hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. During these inspections, I tour many areas of a facility, including the patient care rooms, the kitchen, and the laundry area. In this facility, I examine records, review policies and procedures and observe direct patient care to ensure quality service and patient safety.


Victor: Hi Rosemary. How are you?


Rosemary:  Fine, thank you.


Victor: Hey, I just received this complaint about a nursing home.


Rosemary: What’s the concern?


Victor: The man was concerned that his mother has developed new bed sores and he feels as though she is being neglected.


Rosemary: Oh, I see. You knew I’d be in the area. I’ll go there tomorrow and call you from the facility.


Victor:  Great


Heather: I provide healthcare information to various populations, such as the elderly, low-income families and healthcare organizations.


Joel: Hi. My name is Joel.


Heather: Hi Joel. How can I help you today?


Joel: I’ve tried to quit smoking several times. Do you have any programs that I could try?


Heather: Oh, we sure do. I know that can be difficult. Sometimes it takes more than once, so don’t get discouraged, but here’s a brochure. It has a toll free number on there. Whenever you’re ready, give us a call and we’ll help you out.


Joel:  Okay, thank you.


Heather:  You’re welcome.


Bridget: Hi, this is Bridget, the school health nurse. May I help you?


Heather: Good morning. This is Heather Stafford from the Department of Health. I received your voice mail concerning the body mass index screening procedures we mailed out last week.


Bridget: Yes. Thank you for returning my call. Is it correct that we have to report body mass index for age percentile for all students?


Heather: Yes, actually that took effect in the school year 2006-2007.


Heather: I have worked in the public health field for 13 years, first as a community health nurse and then as a nursing services consultant. Both of these jobs have been rewarding because I help improve the overall health of the public by preventing serious diseases. I have saved lives during outbreaks of Hepatitis A and measles. I take pride in knowing that I have educated other health professionals such as nurses in schools, hospitals and nursing homes, physician assistants, students and co-workers. Each day is a new experience. If you like a job where you can make your own decisions and have daily challenges, and enjoy the satisfaction of helping others, then the Department of Health is the place for you.