Capitol Area Parking Application  
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Capitol Area Parking Application (Parking Officers Only)

DGS Parking Application  
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DGS Employees Parking Permit Application
Parking Information  
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• Commonwealth Employees with disabilities coming into the complex for meetings or training should contact the Commonwealth Parking Officer at 783-1105 for assistance in obtaining a temporary ADA Accessible parking space. All temporary ADA spaces are on a first come, first serve basis upon contact to the Commonwealth Parking Officer. Spaces are located near the Fountain Entrance of the Capitol Building. DGS does not own or operate any temporary parking located near the Forum Place Building. Other Visitors with Disabilities to the Capitol Complex should call Capitol Police for accommodations.

Click here to view a map of the Capitol Complex including Handicap Accessible Parking locations

• Parking in Commonwealth owned lots, garages, and street parking is by permit assignment. All areas are posted and stalls are numbered. Assignment is to a specific area and stall. Each agency has a Parking Officer. Parking assignments are managed at the agency level, employees should contact their parking officer for parking questions and requests. Parking Officers are required to advise employees of the various rules and regulations governing parking. Parking Officers should make appropriate contact with the Commonwealth Parking Officer, DGS to report unauthorized parking, permit replacement, parking allocation updates, special visitor parking or if they require clarification to policy and procedure.

• Parking is enforced by the Capitol Police during the entire work day. Employees relocating their vehicles after 3:00 p.m. is a violation of the parking policy and offenders will be ticketed. Capitol Police does not authorize this practice and will enforce parking regulations accordingly.

• Employees are responsible for ensuring that parking permits are properly positioned and displayed in their vehicles. Capitol Police Officers are not required to search for the permit or guess as to its information. Parking Permits shall be replaced when they are no longer legible or damaged. Permits requiring replacement shall be requested through the employee's agency Parking Officer and the damaged permit shall be returned to the Commonwealth Parking Officer, DGS for a replacement. Failure to comply with permit requirements shall constitute unauthorized parking and may result in a parking violation.

• Report unauthorized parking to your agency parking officer who will in turn report it to the Capitol Police.

• Lost or stolen parking permits shall be reported to the employee's agency parking officer immediately. Parking Officers will report the matter to the Commonwealth Parking Officer, DGS. There is a $5.00 charge for hanging permits that are lost or stolen. Only checks or money orders are accepted for payment. Checks and money orders should be made payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

• Temporary parking permits are issued to employees from their agency parking officer. The agency Parking Officer shall issue temporary permits from the agency allotted spaces. Agency Parking Officers are required to account for all permits issued and to ensure that the permit is filled out according to policy and procedure. An improperly filled out permit could result in the issuance of a ticket. Temporary parking permits shall be returned to the employee's agency Parking Officer upon expiration.

• Unauthorized fabrication or duplication of official parking permits is unlawful and offenders shall be cited for violation of laws, rules and regulations.

• Department Parking Officers shall insure that no employee has the use of more than one (1) parking space on Commonwealth Parking facilities.  Employees may only have one (1) permit for their assigned parking space. If a permit holder is found to have more than one permit, the Capitol Police will confiscate the additional permit(s).

• Vehicle operators shall not load or unload their passengers on North Street, Commonwealth Avenue, at bus stops, intersections, entrances or exits to parking lots, or in areas designated for pedestrian movement.

• Visitor parking is controlled by time limits per day and is not to be utilized by employees. Offenders of this policy will be cited.

• Parking tickets may be paid in person or by mail at the Bureau of Police and Safety Ticket Office located in Room 70E of the Capitol East Wing. Cash, check or money order is accepted. Checks and money orders should be made payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.