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    Flag Program and Continuity of Operations (COOP)
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    Facilities Management
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    Capitol Police
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  • Property and Asset Management, Executive Office  
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    The Office of the Deputy Secretary for Property and Asset Management provides leadership and support for all Bureaus and Administrative Offices within the Asset and Property Management Deputate in compliance with the Department’s Mission.  This office is an integral part of the unified and cooperative effort to maintain a safe and high quality environment for employees, customers and the general public. This office includes Facilities Management, Police and Safety, Property Administration, Vehicle Management and Supplies and Surplus. 

    The Property Management Executive Office is responsible for the following:

    FAQ - Facilities  
    Q:  What are the procedures for the safe assembly of Commonwealth employees during an emergency evacuation?
    A:  See Management Directive 205.38
    Q:  How do I know if my office is in a DGS owned or controlled building?
    A:  Buildings owned or operated
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