COSTARS Bidding Opportunities:
The Department of General Services (“DGS”) is establishing  COSTARS Contracts for the exclusive use of local public procurement units and state affiliated entities in accordance with the requirements of Act 77 of 2004, amending Section 1902 of the Commonwealth Procurement Code, 62 Pa.C.S. § 1902.

Bidders, be aware: When you download a bid package from this Internet site, you are responsible to check back at this site daily until the bid opening date, in case an "Addendum" or change is posted.

Bids will be accepted at the address below on any given Commonwealth business day.  Any bid received after the Bid Opening time will be opened on the next Commonwealth business day.  Please check back on a regular basis as more bids will be added to this list.

  Bid #
Bid Opening Time  (Daily)


1:30 PM  
COSTARS-3 IT Hardware 1:30 PM
COSTARS-4 Office Supplies 1:30 PM
COSTARS-5 Janitorial Supplies 1:30 PM


1:30 PM
COSTARS-7 Foods 1:30 PM 
COSTARS-8 Maintenance Repair & Operation Equipment & Supplies (MRO) 1:30 PM
COSTARS-9 Graphic & Printing Services, Equipment & Supplies 1:30 PM

Voting Systems

1:30 PM
COSTARS-11 Toiletries 1:30 PM
COSTARS-12 Emergency Responder Loose Supplies 1:30 PM 

Emergency Responder Vehicles

1:30 PM
COSTARS-14 Recreational & Fitness Equipment 1:30 PM
COSTARS-15 REBID Water & Wastewater Treatment Consumables 1:30 PM

Water & Waste-Water Treatment Plant Components/Equipment

1:30 PM
COSTARS-17 Waste, Recycling & Materials Handling Containers

1:30 PM


LED Traffic Signal Modules and/or Housings

1:30 PM
COSTARS-19 Medical Supplies 1:30 PM
COSTARS-20 Laboratory Supplies 1:30 PM

 Pest Control Services

1:30 PM

 Weatherization Materials

1:30 PM
COSTARS-24 Traffic Signs 1:30 PM 
COSTARS-25 Municipal Work Vehicles 1:30 PM

 Passenger Vehicles

1:30 PM 
COSTARS-28 Energy Conservation Management Supplies 1:30 PM 
COSTARS-29 Groundskeeping (Grounds/Turf) Maintenance  1:30 PM 
COSTARS-30 Energy Consulting Services  1:30 PM 
COSTARS-32 Signage  1:30 PM 
COSTARS-33 Street Lighting, Parking Meters & Street Furniture 1:30 PM 
COSTARS-34 Theater (Auditorium) Furniture, Fixtures & Equip 1:30 PM 
COSTARS-35 Furniture & Window Treatments 1:30 PM 
COSTARS-36 Appliances, Cafeteria Equipment & Supplies 1:30 PM 
COSTARS-37 Uniforms 1:30 PM