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Responsibilities of the Pennsylvania Standards Laboratory

The Pennsylvania Standards Laboratory provides calibration and certification of artifacts relating to mass, length, volume, and time.  These services are available to the weights and measures community as well as to private industry, service companies, municipal governments, and other state government agencies.


Mass calibration can be completed on weights from 30 kg to 1 mg or 50 lb to 0.001 lb.


Mass tolerance testing can be completed on weights from 2500 kg to 1 mg, 5000 lb to 0.001 lb lb, 8 oz to 1/32 oz, and 200 oz t to 0.005 oz t. Adjustment of weights is performed when necessary.  Tolerance testing can also be performed on weight carts 6000 lb – 2000 lb.

The laboratory also conducts testing and certification of portable truck scales (Wheel-Load Weighers) for Pennsylvania State Police, PennDot, local municipal governments, and  private industry.

The PA Standards Lab performs gravimetric volume calibrations for liquid measuring devices from 10 gallon to 1 gallon, and 20 liter to 5 liter.

Volume calibrations are normally performed on test measures and provers used in the setting of commercial liquid measuring devices such as gasoline pumps and fuel oil trucks.  Volumes normally tested include 1500 gallon through 1 gallon as well as 5000 liter to 5 liter.  These tests are normally accomplished through volume transfer.

Length calibration/tolerance tests are performed on metal tapes up to 200 feet for law enforcement agencies as well as for the weights and measures community.


Time calibrations are performed on stopwatches used by the law enforcement agencies as well as for the weights and measures community.


The Pennsylvania Standards Laboratory will assist customers in finding sources for calibrations of other items that cannot be performed in house. 

The Pennsylvania Standards Laboratory’s hours of operation at 2221 Forster Street are 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM with a lunch period of 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM. All calibrations are by appointment and must be scheduled in advance. Delivery or pick-up should be arranged so that it falls within working hours.

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