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To place an order with the Bureau of Publications, visit our online ordering system at http://www.papublisher.state.pa.us/dsf. 

If you don't have an account in PAPublisher, you can order through one of our Word-based order forms.  Please note that these forms are being phased out.  Therefore, sign up for a PAPublisher account now.

To request a commercial quote, please complete a Commercial Print Specification Forms

Directions to Our Location



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1650 Bobali Drive, Harrisburg
For Customer Service - Graphic Design - Printing - Sign Shop Services 

Contact Us - Publications  
  • Marcie Pesta

  •      marpesta@pa.gov
  • Jeff Gensemer

  •      jgensemer@pa.gov
         Business Workflow Specialist
  • Craig Andrews

  •      crandrews@pa.gov
         Editor 3
  • Dave McCloskey

  •      damccloske@pa.gov
         Print & Mail Production Manager
  • Elizabeth Schehr

  •      eschehr@pa.gov
         Administrative & Customer
        Support Manager
    FAQ - Publications  
    Q:  How long will it take for my job to get produced?
    A:  That depends on the job specifications and …
    Q:  Did I complete my order form correctly?
    A:  Our Customer Account Managers are ready to …
    Q:  Do you charge for your services?
    A:  Yes, because the Bureau of Publications does not …
    Q:  How much does it cost?
    A:  It varies, based on the order specifications …
    Q:  What's the status of my job now?
    A:  Contact your Customer Account Manager to check …