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In order to provide tenants of DGS owned or controlled buildings more information on the buildings they work in, we have provided individualized information on each of the buildings. In order to reach more tenants in emergencies, we now have the ability to place a building alert on our each building's website to alert tenants of a particular building when there are evacuations or other emergencies that occur.

Employee Emergency Information  
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Evacuation Information

A blank evacuation plan template for Agency use is available by clicking here.

Please click on your building's evacuation plan link for specific information.

 18th & Herr Streets - Arsenal Building Evacuation Plan
 18th & Herr Streets - Tent Building Evacuation Plan    
 22nd & Forster Street Evacuation Plan 
 Agriculture Evacuation Plan 
 Agriculture Vet. Lab Evacuation Plan 
 Annex Complex - 1 & 5 Tech Park Evacuation Plan 
 Annex Complex - Senate Print / Mail Shop Evacuation Plan 
 Central Plant Evacuation Plan 
 East Wing Evacuation Plan 
 Finance Evacuation Plan 
 Forum Evacuation Plan
 Forum Place Evacuation Plan
 Harristown 1 (Strawberry Square) Evacuation Plan
 Harristown 2 (333 Market Street) Evacuation Plan
 Health & Welfare Evacuation Plan
 Irvis (South Office) Evacuation Plan 
 Judicial Center Evacuation Plan 
 Keystone Evacuation Plan 
 Labor & Industry Evacuation Plan  
 Main Capitol Evacuation Plan     
 Matthew J Ryan  Evacuation Plan
 Museum & Archives Evacuation Plan 
 North Office Evacuation Plan
 North West Office (LCB) Evacuation Plan 
 Publications - 908 Market St.         Evacuation Plan 
 Rachel Carson Evacuation Plan 
 Reading Evacuation Plan 
 Records Center (Stanley Drive)       Evacuation Plan 
 Scranton - Samter Evacuation Plan 
 Scranton - Swift Evacuation Plan 
 Senate Print Shop Evacuation Plan 
 Substation Evacuation Plan 
   Click on the icon to sign up for building notifications at AlertPA.  You can select the buildings you work in and near and emergency notifications will be sent to a device of your choosing.
Buildings Contacts  
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Jason Snyder
Director of Facilities Management 

Larry Crummel
Region 1 Manager

Jeff Stackhouse
Region 2 Manager

Dave Szobocsan
Director of Maintenance Management 

Scott Mutzabaugh
Maintenance Services Section Manager 

Douglas Hatcher
HVAC Maintenance Manager


Fire, Safety and Environmental Manager